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Best Jewellery for Boho Babes

By Jasmine Hassall

Combining feminine energy with the beauty of nature, Bohemian style will always be truly chic. Several characteristics drawn from different cultures–including African tribal and Nomadic Gypsy–strongly inspire this look, as does layering these  accessories. Alternatively, you could simply wear a few chunky statement jewellery pieces instead.  Whether you’re after bold cuffs, ropes of necklaces or multiple  rings, here is some of the best  jewellery  for Boho babes.

1.  IngridFonesca Designs

These bracelets by Ingrid Fonesca designs really make a statement. Made from organic  Tagua seeds, these eco-friendly, fully sustainable pieces  look great with a maxi dress on the beach, or a sleeveless blouse  in the city. Higher demand for such seeds and berries from the rainforest also mean the trees are less likely to be cut for lumber as local people commercialise the natural, sustainable fruits of the forest.

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2.  Sarah Swell Jewellery

This contemporary jewellery designer focuses her pieces around the ancient technique of metalsmithing to create interesting, luxurious treasures using natural elements and recycled materials whenever possible. Her sterling silver fishbone bracelet is one of the best selling pieces in her collection. Definitely an investment at $650, it is  a beautiful piece of art that would look stunning paired with other boho accessories in silver and turquoise shades.

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3.  Joanna Cave

What could be more Bohemian than growing up on a remote Agean Island? That’s exactly the background that shaped young designer Joanna Cave. Her elegant creations have attracted the attention of the industry and press worldwide due to the beauty of her pieces. The daughter of a family of jewellers, she learned much from her parents before bringing their ethical jewellery practices to a shop in London.  Cave  uses recycled silver and gold as well as ethically sourced pearls. Her collections ooze an air of splendour about them whilst abiding by a style of refined simplicity.

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4.  Tiffany Kunz

Bangles, bracelets, rings…some girls like to stack them, and Tiffany Kunz makes the perfect pieces for doing exactly this.

Made from fine recycled metals and styled into designs that look best when bunched, Tiffany Kunz jewellery is a favourite with Bohemian California girls who wear them as a part of their look, whether they’re just lounging by the pool or walking a red carpet.

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5.  Shimmer Tatts

Perfect for Boho Beach Babes, these non-toxic, waterproof jewellery tattoo designs looks great on tanned skin.  The brand carries  7 Moroccan inspired, modern chain and geometric gold bracelets as well as 3 emblems that can be placed anywhere on the body, including a set of angel wings.

Wear them as bracelets, arm bands, anklets, headbands, chokers, rings, midi-rings, or body art. Cut them into any lengths, put them anywhere, get creative and make them yours–the possibilities are endless. And the best part? When you’re finished with these, they just fade away, causing zero waste.

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    Ingrid Fonseca
    Jan 19, 2015 at 11:30 pm

    So amazing! Thank you for including me! ✶.•´¸.•*´★
    Eco friendly jewelry or green jewelry is a responsible choice towards keeping our planet safe from harm.
    If you like my items and would like to place an order, please go to:

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    andria mckee
    Jan 22, 2015 at 6:30 am

    I wish my jewelry made the list 🙂

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