Gucci’s Bamboo Confidential Shoot

By Arwa Lodhi

A true icon since it was introduced by the Italian luxury label in 1947, the Bamboo bag needs no introduction, having been a symbol of glamour and high society for over 60 years.


Today, the bag has been refashioned into new styles in the Bamboo Confidential collection, including the elegant  Lady Lock  and the practical  Bamboo Shopper,  but best of all, Gucci has committed to making these, and all their bags, more sustainable: animal welfare officers have been made responsible for ensuring that all skins are sourced from reputable ranches or farms, and toxic chemicals in tanning and dying process are being completely phased out by 2016.


Gucci has also teamed up with Li Bing Bing for their Bamboo Jewellery Collection, which donates a percentage of profits not only to Bing Bing’s eco LOVE charity, but also to saving bamboo forests via  the Green Project, a reforestation project in the Ningxia region of Northwest China.


Here, the rapid deforestation of the region has lead to immense ecologic damage in the form of desertification, where land becomes arid from wind unencumbered by forest. Gucci recognised the need for action and currently supports the Green Project in its ongoing effort to restore the region with the replanting of drought-resistant Ash Leaf Clematis crops.


To launch the new bag campaign, a photo shoot was held in London’s famous Savoy Hotel, where founder of the company Guccio Gucci was once employed as an elevator attendant–a huge honour back then, as it was also where the world’s first electric  elevator was installed.

Seems like for Gucci, the only way has ever been up.

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