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Alice Palmer: Knitwear Warrior

By Arwa Lodhi

Mix up a love for Korean vengeance films and glam rock, add an eco-warrior’s spirit and a talent for sexy, urban women’s wear design, and you’ll get Alice Palmer knitwear.

Palmer graduated from the Glasgow School of Art before moving to London to study for a Masters at the Royal College of Art, before launching  her eponymous knitwear range in 2008.


Always conscious of the environmental impact the fashion industry makes, she ensured that her production methods tread lightly on the earth, using no toxic dyes and using textiles in such a way that no fabric is wasted.


“I think it is really important for designers to be aware of the impact cutting waste has on the environment”, she told Eluxe. “I always strive to use production methods, which ensure as little waste as possible.”


The designer explains the ‘eureka’ moment when she realised how she could create cutting-edge fashion, whilst still being Earth-friendly: “while I was studying for my Masters degree at the Royal College of Art, I developed a traditional knitting technique in a unique way which allowed me to knit diagonal shapes tailored to the body. For example, these shapes can be made into a v-neck or an asymmetrical hemline, which means there is no need for any cutting waste.”


These diagonal shapes Palmer speaks of are used to stunning effect in everything from felt hats to knit evening dresses, and lend a figure flattering angle to each piece.


Indeed, despite her happy, wooly ethics, Palmer’s aesthetic is very haute rock-chick chic, making powerful statements with bold colours and strongly sculpted shapes.


With titles like Lady Vengeance and Fossil Warriors, Palmer’s ethically made collections are clearly for women with both bold hearts and fierce fashion sense, just like the designer herself.

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