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Abraxas Rex Kimonos

By Chere Di Boscio

Paris Kain is a multi-talented man. The New York native is an artist, designer and jeweller, most famed for his meteorite-sized stone and metal jewellery, evocative of gods and monsters.

In fact, his brand, Abraxas Rex, was named after the Gnostic god of light and dark, good and evil, destruction and creation–a description that seems to capture the essence of Kain’s artwork itself.


However, a move to the kinder, sunnier climes of California may have softened Kain’s newer creations a bit, as demonstrated by his line of gorgeous hand painted silk kimono-style wraps.

Abraxas Rex 4

Available on line and at Barney’s in the USA, the softly flowing, delicate clothing comes in rich colours derived from natural sources.


Unsurprisingly perhaps, the artist says his kimono designs were inspired by a trip to Japan and koi fish, but Kain has certainly added a signature touch to each piece, somehow communicating a merging of the urban and the natural worlds.


Each Abraxas Rex kimono is unique, with shades of blood red, emerald green and indigo featuring heavily–jewel box colours chosen by a jewellery creator.


Further emphasising a link to his metal work, Kain has added a gold or silver Abraxas Rex jewellery tag, a covetable piece in itself, to each silk garment.


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