Signed and Sealed: An Interview with A Peace Treaty

What do you get when you mix a Libyan Jew with a Palestinian woman? Great accessories, it seems! A Peace Treaty is the aptly named jewellery and scarves brand created by  Dana Arbib and Farah Malik, who met while they were both living in Rome. The pair discovered a mutual love of high fashion and respect for artisanal traditions, and decided to create an accessories line that would not only honour the deeply rooted cultures of both women, but that would have sound ethics, including:
*Producing handmade accessories in places of socio-political conflict
*Producing everything in an ecologically minded manner
*Employing artisans at above fair trade prices
*Empowering disabled, widowed and under-privileged women to work with dignity
*Donating 10% to charitable causes each season
A Peace Treaty Scarves
A Peace Treaty Scarves
In this exclusive interview, the two female founders shed more light on how their brand came about, what Ralph Lauren means to them, and how Africa fits into the picture.

Who is the typical A Peace Treaty customer?

Danah: Our customers are conscientious about what they consume across all categories – food, fashion, home goods, art, culture. They are not trend focused, but rather drawn to pieces they will treasure for years and years. They like to know the story behind the things they own – where they came from and who made them.  They understand that “luxury” means something that is  made by hand with love and care, regardless of the name on the label.  


What’s your favourite piece in the current collection?

Farah: It is always hard to choose a favourite, but the VATURI scarf is one of the most personally meaningful pieces we’ve made. The print was inspired by the ceiling of The Great Synagogue of Rome (Tempio Maggiore di Roma) where Dana’s brother was married. The entire Spring 2013 collection was based upon her father’s upbringing in the Italian occupied Tripoli, and this synagogue holds significance to many Libyan Jews of that era.  

A Peace Treaty Gemwear
A Peace Treaty Gemwear

You’ve designed two scarf collections for Ralph Lauren. Tell us more about that collaboration.

Dana: Very soon after we launched, we received a call from the design team at Ralph Lauren asking us to come in for a meeting. After a successful collaboration with TOMs, they were looking for more socially conscious brands with which to partner. The collection that resulted was based upon their seasonal colour story, but the aesthetic had a decidedly APT feel. The pieces were inspired by regional tartan weaving and were hand-loomed by small family textile makers across 8 different villages and towns in Pakistan.

A Peace Treaty Rings
A Peace Treaty Rings

What does the future have in store for A Peace Treaty?

We are always looking to expand into new and different regions and to collaborate with brands and artists we love. We have always wanted to do projects in Africa and have been exploring different handcrafting cooperatives in Ghana and Nigeria. We are also hoping to include new accessory categories and potentially apparel. It’s going to be a big big year!

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