Pavla Podsednikova: New Steps for 3D Printed Shoes

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By Diane Small

We’ve reported on  Pavla Podsednikova’s graduate project  at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where she created 3D printed shoes based on a mould of her own foot. The collection was such a success that the young designer has continued her work in the field, creating her second collection, called Instant Shoe 2, as well as capsule collections for other designers.


She created the collection to accompany the futuristic fashions of designer  LibÄ›na Rochovà¡.


For Instant Shoe 2 she used a blend of both rigid and flexible materials, such as a rubber-like black substance called, Tango Black, which allows for a soft insole with naturally curved support, as well as a more rigid, opaque material called VeroGray, which gives support.


The designer said the combination of the two materials made the shoes more flexible than her first collection, allowing the models in these photos to strut down the runway in comfort.


“The special thing about the unique multi-material 3D printing with the Objet Connex 3D Printer is that you can create a product with a number of different materials simultaneously in one job, without having to assemble them one-by-one,” says Podsednikova. “When it comes to design, this empowers us to go beyond the traditional boundaries set not only by other 3D printing technology, but also traditional manufacturing methods.”


With technologies and techniques both improving for the 3D printing of shoes, it seems this zero-waste approach to shoemaking may soon become more commercially viable and publicly available. We can’t wait!


fashion design : LibÄ›na Rochovà¡
shoe design : Pavla Podsednà­kovà¡
photographer : Petr Volgemut
make up : Mirka Fabusovà¡
hair : Vladimà­ra Hrubà¡
production : FS Production

Diane Small
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