10 ‘Quietly’ Eco Friendly Fashion Brands

By┬áMariam Ghaidan Going green in fashion can be done in many ways: clothing can be made locally or through Fair Trade agreements; only organic materials can be selected; recycled fabric could be used and so on. Some brands, such as John Patrick Organic or Honest By are very upfront about their eco-credentials, but some of the most eco-friendly brands around are a bit shy about admitting their ethical qualities. After all, there is still a bit of a ‘hippy’ stigma to sustainable clothing, despite the fact that┬ámore and more customers are rejecting petroleum based fabrics and garments made in sweatshops. Here, we’ve selected a handful of eco friendly brands from around the globe with a wide range of styles that are dedicated to green fashion—though they may not necessarily shout about it much. 1. Eileen Fisher, USA Starting the brand with only $350 in her savings account; it was her strong vision that pushed her this far. Eileen Fisher decided to launch her own brand for the reason that she wanted to fulfil her desire to create certain shapes with sustainable materials. Eileen Fisher has managed to incorporate the talents of global artisans within some of their collections which highlights … Continue reading 10 ‘Quietly’ Eco Friendly Fashion Brands