Your Yearly Horoscope For 2022

Are we in for a rough ride over the next year? Check your yearly horoscope for 2022 to find out!

By Claudia Vannini

As you can probably imagine, 2022 is the year of slow regrowth. There are no miracles, but there are improvements. Mercury is the ruler of this year. It enhances communication. There is no limit to the amount of investment that will be poured into technologies for communication.

Clean energy resources are also on the investors’ radar. What this means for the planet is yet to be seen. There will also be more investment – in terms of time and money – in education. New courses and teaching methods will come about.

For many in 2022, there is less attachment to money. Many will sell their cars, houses and stop putting money in the bank. Instead, our interest turns to the experiences lived on Earth. Successful companies will focus on a great customer experience.  The future will matter less. Our attention will be on the moment, the present. Having a house on the beach or in the country, seeing our children happy, raising several pets, and enjoying Planet Earth will be the 2022 goal.

Health also features this year. Health based companies will have greater development if they offer quality services and an individual perspective on people’s health. Large companies in the health sector will suffer for not following this trend. Integrative therapies will be highlighted. Many will carry the aftereffects of the virus and seek mental and bodily regeneration. Neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists will have a lot of work!

Let’s check the monthly calendar

January – This will be a month with financial, political, and social obstacles. It is best not to force change.

February – The month brings changes in our lives. After the 17th, the spirit moves new ideas. Oh yes. It is at this point that you must begin to act in the microcosm.

March – Expect evident results. Starting on March 5th, the Planet is different. It may seem absurd today, but the perception is that humanity will bypass the coronavirus. We will either be immunized or we will have an antiviral for all countries. It is a very prosperous month with a trend of positive results in the financial markets.

April and May – Follow the same trends as March. These are profitable months.

June – This is a slow month. Don’t leave too many decisions for this moment. Anticipate them.

July, August, and September – These are highly unstable months. It’s not always a negative moment. One country may have financial instability, while the other is in serious political trouble. In this game, the fastest always profit. Money migrates from one place to another. There is no room for conservatism in financial matters.

October – This is a difficult month. There is no rhythm. There are many obstacles on the entire Planet. There is nowhere to run. Don’t count on great achievements during this period.

November – Has fewer blockages than October. Society debates changes with great resistance. Even so, some positive changes take place.

December – Finally, this month signals prosperity and expansion. Coronavirus will be part of the annual vaccination calendar. Expect at least 3 shots a year.

We have surpassed the World War alert. Now, our War is against poverty, hunger, and social violence. Mercury has to enlighten us with good ideas and quick fixes.

A Happy Year to you, who revalidated your intention to remain on Earth.

Your Yearly Horoscope For 2022


Your yearly horoscope for 2022 is positive financially. You find new ways to earn money, probably by the use of new technology. Invest in the latest equipment. There are real results. In terms of emotional investments, however, you should focus on gaining a sense of spirituality, as well as concentrating on adding better aesthetics to your life.

For most of the year, your health remains strong. After September, the most sensitive points to watch are the intestine, lungs, muscles, and head. Ensure you take care of your health by remaining active. For all of the year, love does not receive much Planetary help. It stagnates. If you’re paired up, your relationship remains stable. Singles are less interested in looking for a companion, as they’ll be more focused on making improvements in their own lives.

As for your home life, it will go through some confusion. Some relatives may lose their temper with you and it could really affect your entire year, or even longer. A lot of old hurts might resurface at once. This year challenges you to work on your emotional and spiritual wounds. This makes you uncomfortable, but also offers you some great opportunities to grow as a person.


Taurens will be happy to hear that their yearly horoscope for 2022 brings a balanced year your money. Good speculation occurs in the Second Semester. Until then invest with caution. You manage well what you have, and truly enjoy your luckier moments. Getting involved in fundraising for social causes can be very profitable for your cause. Look closely at this sector – you have some luck and talent here.

For most of the year, your health remains stable. The most sensitive points are the kidneys, throat, heart, and hips. However, your love life and personal friendships undergo some serious re-evaluations this year. You encounter some surprises about how you relate to your friends. Whether these surprises are welcome or not depends on you and how you manage things. If you are married, you might find yourself questioning your relationship and undergoing marital therapy. Couples who stay together will have rediscovered a new way of loving.

As for your home, it enjoys long periods of stability. Relationships with children enrich your life. However, the elderly in your family can be a source of concern. Avoid renovating your house if you can – there will be endless problems and costs. Pay close attention to recurring themes and people who reappear in your life after being absent for a while. When the past comes knocking now, it’s best to listen.


Finally! 2022 brings some stability in the financial sector. You don’t earn huge amounts of cash, but neither do you acquire huge amounts of debt. You strictly manage your budget and learn how to make the most of what you have. The strongest sectors are sales, retail, transport, and logistics, real estate, food, psychology, journalism, and hospitality. Invest in research, science, spirituality, events, travel, and education.

All year, your health remains strong. The most sensitive points are teeth, skin, bones, sexual organs, and lungs. Love gets a big boost. Married people reaffirm their vows of love and partnership. Singles can get married suddenly. Romantic relationships can come from where you’d least expect it: someone from work, school, or a group of friends.

Your family life is also stable. Relatives do not generate major problems, and familial relationships are generally harmonious. The children are doing very well. You want to create more of a ‘nest’ at home, and that’s fine. Do it through decoration, and avoid major construction work on the house.


2022 does not bring radical changes to money for you. It basically just comes from the work you do and you feel happy about it. It’s not a frustrating topic. There are good opportunities for those working in health, therapy, and medicine. Invest in your time in research, science, and occultism. Health is slightly fragile, especially from September to November. The most delicate points are the stomach, liver, and muscles.

The main area of shake-ups for 2022? Love. This area undergoes great changes. Married people might engage in small affairs. Of course, this could lead to some serious problems. Singles also abuse their sexual energy, and are not interested in exclusive partnerships.

On the plus side, there are no problems with blood relatives. If you have adult children living with you, or if you are an adult living with your parents, the situation should not change. This new year is time for parents and children to help each other out, both emotionally and financially.


Your yearly horoscope for 2022 is all about personal relationships. There’s not much new in the financial sector. Money circulates, but there are no big breakthroughs. In terms of earning, you don’t do anything alone. Since this whole year is about people, all money you make in 2022 comes from good social relationships. Important friends with influence in society open the right doors. Be alert! Invest in employment, health, and philosophy.

Health remains unstable at various points throughout the year. Take care of your heart, bones, teeth, and legs. The good news is, your love life is strengthened. Married people might reevaluate their relationships, but in a positive way. It will all be for the best. Singles could get involved with someone who is powerful, attractive or rich. Enticing, yes. But forming a strong bond could be a very risky choice for the future.

Your home life shows stability. You get along well with your relatives. You can make small renovations in the house and feel good about what you’ve done. The more elderly members in your family will need attention. Children shake up your year in unexpected ways.


Throughout the year, you try to keep your spending in check, and might feel a bit financially strained. If so, you should seek help from relatives. On the other hand, if your bank account becomes more flush than expected, take that opportunity to pay off last year’s debts. Real estate is the most profitable potential investment area for you in 2022. If you don’t have enough money to buy properties, consider searching for properties to manage.

Your health weakens between May and October. Pay close attention to the legs, bones, throat, thyroid, teeth, skin, and heart. Love is a very strong theme this year. Get ready to have a unique experience in this area. Married people also feel this positive energy in the love sector, and could do something unexpected that shakes the couple up for the better and revalidate their marriage vows.

The family and home sector doesn’t undergo any major changes. You are more interested in generating a stable income to keep your immediate family happy, or to help relatives who may be in need.


Your yearly horoscope for 2022 has no big surprises in the financial sector. You maintain the balanced money management that’s typical of your sign. You also exercise care in any investments you make this year. Unlike most of the other signs, the arts sector is very active for you in 2022. You really lose yourself in the arts, in a positive way, whether as creator or patron. Throw yourself into it! Representing artists could also be a profitable path for you.

The family provides emotional security; there is little frustration in this sector, though conflicts between children could bring some stress. Invest in weddings and events, travel, creativity, arts, and crafts. Health is ok, if you take care of your intestines, kidneys, hips, liver, legs, and heart. Your love sector receives good planetary vibrations. This signals marriages or more stable unions. You might have a chance to join someone who lives far away, to cement a relationship.

The home sector undergoes positive transformations. It’s a great year to do a major makeover of the home, as you’ll be spending a lot of time there. You might even work more from your house, and if so, you should create the right space and environment for that.


Great news! 2022 is a very prosperous year. There is a lot of success at work and in financial speculation. You really clean up if you put your money in the food, pharmacy, transport, or logistics sectors. Getting involved in the world of younger people is a great tip for 2022. Listen to what young people are talking about and what they need and develop this sector. From January to May, your health improves every month. That being said, take care of your bowel, sex organs, bladder, muscles, lungs, and liver.

The biggest sector of change for the year is love. This goes through some major changes. You may feel deceived by your partner, and married couples may question their dedication to each other. Couples who wish to keep their union strong must find new ways to communicate. Singletons are not dedicated enough to finding love, and end up valuing friends and freedom more than romance. Which is fine, if that’s what you truly want.

Another very important theme this year is the home. It’s a great time to renovate or remodel your home. You handle all domestic situations with decisiveness. You’re the one who’s always take caring of the children, money, and everyone’s emotions. It’s a little exhausting. The elderly in particular are demanding attention.


This year repeats the financial scenarios of the last 2 years. In short, you continue to do what you’ve been doing: sticking to your budget and cutting expenses. It won’t be until 2024 that you’ll feel the fruits of that labour. Now, make sure you write your will and invest your professional energy in creativity. Specifically, invest in arts, crafts, antiques, creativity, marketing, and advertising.

Throughout the year, health is a little unbalanced, especially in the Second Semester. Take care of your liver, legs, heart, thyroid, and throat. Love isn’t a big theme this year. Couples will fight a lot and end up making individual decisions. They don’t break up, but they don’t find similarities. Singles are seeking lots of parties, adventures, and casual encounters. It’s not the best time for finding a steady partner.

The biggest changes for your yearly horoscope for 2022? The home. This goes through a lot of changes and excitement. There are new engagements, marriages, and even new babies. It’s also a good year for making changes in your residence or doing home renovations.


This is a very prosperous year with great advantages in financial speculation. There is no bigger office or promotion, but there is more money in circulation. Invest your time and money in architecture and interior design, leisure, and aesthetics.

Throughout the year, your health remains strong in general. Take care of bones, lungs, muscles, heart, and teeth. Your home planet, Saturn, begins 2022 in a harmonious union with Aquarius, which means you will feel like joining new groups. So this year is the ideal time for you to network and connect with others – especially those who might have different visions and opinions.

Love is stable throughout the year. Couples remain strongly united. It is not a year of conflict. Singles date, but do not decide to commit. For all, this is a year to heal the pains of previous heartaches. Your current couple may help you do that.

Close relatives remain generally united and there are no major disagreements with those you’re usually most connected to. That being said, you’ll feel an itch to change the home situation. For example, you might decide to move, or buy a new house.


Your yearly horoscope for 2022 shows me this will be an extremely prosperous year! Investing in quality electronics is a necessity to make this happen, and those who work with the resale of cars and houses will especially prosper. Listen to your intuition, put your ideas into practice, and know that especially at the beginning of 2022, Saturn has your back! You are in control.

However, your health remains unstable for most of the year. Take care of your stomach, legs, heart, feet, and mammary glands. Not feeling your best means you’ll also be more sensitive to stress. This will make you lose your patience with those around you, and could lead to some drama with those close to you. This will be especially true over the summer months. In the autumn, your relationships will be more peaceful and pleasant.

Throughout the year, your love life is, frankly, a bit dull. Couples are just gliding along. Singletons remain single, and will be more concerned with their personal lives that with dating. However, relatives disagree. One of them may lose their temper and bring up themes of the past that really hurt you. It can be shocking to deal with this event. At least children and remain stable in all this confusion.


Your yearly horoscope for 2022 starts with a job change or a much deserved promotion. This new position brings new resources for you. Nothing comes from others – you do everything yourself, and you should be proud of that. There are financial advantages in media, people transport, logistics, food, hotels, and real estate. Health remains strong. Take care of your feet, heart, and anxiety.

Jupiter in your marriage house this year means that couples will feel their partners are a particular cause of joy. However, during the middle phase of 2022, relationships go through a rough patch. But it’s nothing you can’t sail through. If you’re single, you’re likely to remain so. At most, you might have a few dates. Nothing too exciting.

Your home remains quiet until mid-August. After that, the family can cause problems. Some fights happen and you must remain neutral. You spend a lot of time at home, and with your home planet Neptune travelling in your sign all year, you can create your ideal little dream world for 2022. Rely heavily on your intuition – it will bring you surprisingly accurate information about which direction to take this year.

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