WIN 3 Bottles Of Dr Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer

It’s almost that time, people – I’m talking cold and flu season!

While you might be tempted to break out the hand sanitizer, that’s not always a great idea. Why? Well, the average brand is full of serious toxins. They’ve been linked to everything from dry skin and eczema to cancer. I mean…wouldn’t you rather just get a cold?

Well, now you don’t need to choose between your health and a hand sanitizer. Thanks to certified organic and Fairtrade brand, Dr. Bronner’s, you can use an award winning hand-hygiene spray that will get rid of those pesky microbes, without destroying your skin, and your health.

That’s thanks to its ethyl alcohol (62%), which kills 99.9% of germs! But that’s not all, this beloved product is also enriched with glycerin, which delivers moisture to the skin, countering the drying effects of alcohol, this yields a smooth after- feel rather than a sticky dry feeling. No dry hands here!

These hand hygiene sprays are perfect to take on the go, in public bathrooms, tubes, trains, buses and airports and these sprays can even be used to clean phone screens!

Available in invigorating Peppermint and calming Lavender, these delightfully smelling hand hygiene sprays are a no brainer and all packaged in 100% consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Dr Bronner’s would like to give THREE bottles away to one lucky winner.

To enter, simply fill in the form below.

Giveaway ended on September 16 2023.

Congrats to Tracy Alcock!

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