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The holidays are almost here! And that means it’s time for gift giving. You know what’s always been a welcome gift – for centuries, now? A high quality watch!

Watches are classic accessories that have been passed down through generations, due to their quality and function. This is something Danish watch brand Nordgreen knows well, and they aim to carry on that tradition with their line of watches, designed by the international icon Jakob Wagner.

This Danish watch company started to gain popularity not only because of the cool Scandinavian design features of their watches, but also for their sustainability, and their “giving back program”.

Here’s how it works: when you buy a watch, you have the option to choose which charity to support. It can be funding education for children in India, delivering clean water in Central Africa, or saving a rainforest in Latin America. At the back of the case is a serial number that you can use to track your donation when you bought the product.

Nordgreen will then donate a percentage of the sale of the watch to the advocacy group of your choice. So not only are you giving yourself something sustainable and beautiful, but you’re giving back, too.

Sleek Design

The high quality design that Nordgreen offers speaks of luxury, simplicity and sustainability. These watches are designed to match any lifestyle without putting off the mission to deliver quality and elegance.

Some of their most coveted collections include the:

  • Pioneer Collection
  • Philosopher Collection
  • Native Collection

Each one was designed with a particular concept in mind. For example, the Philosopher Collection aims to remind people that there are actions that need to be done at certain times, but also that people should focus on the now.

The wearer can see this symbolism from the cone-shaped watch case that has a narrower face than its base. As it draws our eyes to the centre, it tells us where exactly to focus our attention.

Vegan Friendly

Nordgreen is also aware that increasing numbers of people are going vegan. Cruelty free fashion is catered to with their watches through interchangeable straps. There are other colours and designs that fit every occasion. For example, vegans can select from stainless steel in four colours- silver, rose gold, gun metal, and gold, or from nylon mesh straps, too.

Nordgreen strongly believes in the power of people. Not only to make a difference through choosing to purchase more sustainable and vegan friendly products, but to choose brands that are trying to make a difference.

They also believe in the power of word of mouth. They’re sure that once you yourself experience one of their watches, you’ll tell your friends about how great these timepieces are, and they’ll tell their friends, and so on and so on…!

To help make this happen, we’re giving our readers the chance to win the Nordgreen watch of their choice from the Native, Infinity, and Philosopher collections. And if you don’t happen to be that one lucky person, don’t worry, there’s something for you, too!

You can get 15% anything on Nordgreen’s online shop by using this link and entering ELUXE at checkout.

To enter the competition, just fill in your details below.

Competition ended November 15th 2020. Congrats to Jade Andrews!

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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