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Founded in 2019 by Thai MIT alumni, Mew Leelahongjudha, SUDTANA is a beauty brand that harmonises Ancient Thai Remedies with Modern Science to handcraft green, clean and conscientious personal care products. The brand is committed to crafting completely natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable hair & skincare products that repair, replenish, and rejuvenate from the outside-in. Only the highest quality plant-based ingredients are used, with main ingredients ethically sourced from small organic Thai farms, so the user’s skin and hair will reap the benefits even long after the products have been absorbed.

Despite its recent founding, the company possesses a rich family history that has been intimately tied to traditional herbal remedies for generations. At its roots, the story of SUDTANA begins with Mew’s grandfather, a village doctor whose herbal remedies were respected by the lives he touched and the bodies he healed. His passion for natural ingredients and the Earth itself shaped his family’s value until it became deeply-rooted in herbal lore.

Though Mew’s grandfather has passed on, she brought his ancient herbal remedies with her to MIT during her studies to continue his legacy and complement his remedies with modern science to enhance their efficacy and safety while staying true to their traditional roots. After two years of scientific research and trials, the results are the all-natural products offered by SUDTANA today.

SUDTANA’s scalp & roots revival treatment is one such example: it is a harmonized blend of locally grown organic bergamot, mint and turmeric. Specially balanced in a calculated ratio to ensure it gently detoxifies, nourishes and repairs the scalp environment so conditions are optimal for growing and maintaining naturally strong, thick hair. This scalp treatment also helps rebalance the scalp’s pH back to healthy levels to repair damage done by chemical hair care products. It is used as an overnight treatment once to thrice a week; is perfect for dry, flaky, irritated scalps and dry, frizzy, thinning hair; and works for all hair and curl types.

Keeping to its traditional roots, SUDTANA’s self-care products are locally handcrafted with only the purest ingredients sourced from small farms in Thailand that practice organic & sustainable techniques. The extraction and manufacturing method of these naturally sourced ingredients, as well, remains clean, ethical, and cruelty-free to further establish a completely conscientious and guilt-free experience. The end result are high-quality, vegan and cruelty-free products that safely nourish and rejuvenate the hair, body and skin from the outside-in.

With this unique blend of science and tradition – as well as a firm belief that natural remedies heal the body & mind – SUDTANA aims to help customers discover their best natural selves. It is for this reason that the brand is named “SUDTANA” — a derivative of “Suprana” which means “Aspire to be” in Thai

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