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Launched in 2019, Ksana, is a vegan, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable watch brand. Their name – Ksana – is derived from the Buddhist perception of time, and the brand looks to embody the desire to have fun without continued stimulation from the ‘always on’ connected world we live in.

Scandinavian inspired, minimalistic design lies at the heart of their launch collections, and all Ksana watches are durable, made with medical grade stainless steel cases, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass (as hard as diamonds) and anti-fingerprint coating, to stay protected from whatever life throws at you.

In addition, all their watches are entirely waterproof, thanks to their use of vegan-friendly silicone straps. Every watch is engraved with a unique serial number, and all watches are manufactured in small run, ethically made batches – once they’re gone they’re gone!

These limited run, unique and colourful watches are not only made to last, but help to preserve the planet as well. Ksana are members of 1% for the Planet, meaning for every watch Ksana sells, the brand donates 1% of the sale value to help support environmental causes. Customers can even suggest local projects for the brand to support.

As the brand has made all of their straps from natural silicone, which is a durable, natural mineral, Ksana accepts back any watch at the end of its useful life, in order to upcycle the silicone straps into Solar Panels. They will also upcycle and/or recycle all of the internal components of your watch, meaning none of the product ever ends up in landfill – which is great!

Would you like the chance to sport one of these unisex, minimalist watches yourself?

Ksana is giving you the opportunity to do so! All you need to do is enter to win this giveaway is fill in your details in the form below.

This giveaway ended on January 26 2020. Congrats to Koko Easterbrook!

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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