WIN A Cactus Leather Travel Bag By Lunar Method

Sustainable brand Lunar Method creates durable, luxury travel bags for women. They combine vegan leather and  handwoven fabrics from artisan women in Chiapas, Mexico. With hand-sewn designs on beautiful fabrics,  sourced directly from Mexican women artisans, and cruelty-free cactus leather, they advocate two  important issues: women’s rights and animal rights. 

Their goal was to create a durable, luxurious, and practical solution to the problem of tangled jewelry,  while making sure their bags were ethically made and sustainability sourced. They were able to  successfully create a product that achieves both, elevating luxury to ethical standards.  

After several months of incredible team effort they launched their first product – the Lunar Bag on  Kickstarter. You can still back this incredible project here.  

Lunar Method’s first design is the Lunar Bag. A multi-use bag in one. This easy and practical system allows  you to store eight necklaces, a dozen rings, and eight earrings, along with a smaller pocket for brackets or  jewelry that is unique in size and larger pocket for a passport, sunglasses, or small notebook. The Lunar  Bag can be a jewelry organizer, clutch handbag, and passport carrier.  

With a sleek design to fit backpacks, luggage, and handbags. The Lunar Bag was designed with our next  generation in mind. Using alternative vegan material for leather in order to reduce the environmental  impact of livestock towards global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Ethically sourced  and ethically produced.  

Lunar Method was founded in 2021 by Karine Ponce. Growing up in Los Angeles, Karine was raised by a  Brazilian mother and Ecuadorian, and travel was an important part of her life from an early age.  

From humble beginnings to working at several successful startups in the Bay Area, Karine knew she  wanted to start her own business as soon as she moved to Mexico City and she dedicated herself to  creating environmental and cruelty-free products that solve problems for the modern-day woman. What  began as an idea for a travel necessity for carrying her own jewelry, blossomed into the sustainable and  artisanal e-commerce shop it is today.  

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Competition ended on August 22 2021.

Congrats to Janet Boyanton!

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