WIN $150 To Spend At Murmali Vegan Bags

Today we bring a seriously exciting giveaway for all of you. It’s from Murmali, a high-end cork goods brand that ticks all the boxes: Cork handbags that are beautiful, functional, vegan, and sustainable! 

Former Architect Miguel Chimali and designer Marcela Murco founded Murmali seeking for  luxury accessories that would not compromise on the environment. Together, they have created a brand that represents sustainability and luxury at its best.

But let´’s break down the facts. What makes us love Murmali so much?

They are natural, reliable, and vegan. All their bags are proof that no animals need to be sacrificed to create quality and beautiful handbags. What makes Murmali even more amazing is that whenever possible, they use plant-based, natural materials on their creations.

Their handbags are made of Cork! We cannot stress enough how fascinating this material is. Not only makes Murmali handbags waterproof, incredibly strong and lightweight. As cork fabric is made using natural cork, the pattern of the original bark is preserved, making each bag unique. Literally!

Ethically handcrafted in Portugal. Murmali outsources the entire manufacturing process of their collections to small workshops located in Alentejo, Portugal. This location is well known for the excellence of its artisans and their eye for detail.

They represent the New Luxury. Today, what makes any item luxurious goes beyond the item itself. It is all about the process and the experience. Designed to be functional and long-lasting products, these bags replace the old-fashioned “coated in gold” luxury object with elegant, atemporal and sustainable handbags.

Murmali would like to offer all our readers the chance to win $150 to spend at their online shop. They have an amazing collection to choose from. You can go for the big-sized clutch bag, the compact crossbody bag, the circle bag, or the iconic bucket bag. All of them available in a broad color palette. 

For more info and to see styles, click here.

To enter, just fill in your details below.

Competition ends on February 21 2021. Good luck!



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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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