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Queen of Cashmere, Belinda Dickson and co-founder and environmental expert, Ross Powell, are on a mission to bring true circularity to the cashmere industry—restoring jobs to The Scottish Borders and pushing for greater sustainability across the industry in the process. 

December 2020 sees the launch of Cashmere Circle, a collective of cashmere designers, textile specialists and sustainability experts who have come together to provide an answer to sustainable fashion’s most sought-after question: how do we close the loop? 

Drawing on expertise from all areas of the industry, Cashmere Circle focuses on four key areas: Care, Repair, Upcycle and Recycle—offering products and services each step of the way to seamlessly add clothing care into the lives of the luxury fashion market. 

Home to much of the needlework, The Scottish Borders was world-renowned for its expertise in knitwear but has sadly seen significant decline over the years. Partnering with local experts, who have spent their lives in the region’s knitwear mills, Cashmere Circle aims to revitalise the Scottish cashmere industry by training future generations in the craft. Coupled with an environmental mission that sees them donate 1% of their revenue to rewilding the Scottish Highlands, Cashmere Circle is built to be a truly sustainable business—one that ensures the planet is considered in every decision it makes. 

Services Offered

The collective is launching with two key services—Repair & Revive and Cashmere Upcycling—with a range of Cashmere Care products set to arrive in the new year. 

For now, customers can help extend the life-cycle of their beloved cashmere pieces through Cashmere Circle’s Repair & Revive service, offering different levels of care depending on how loved your garment is. Customers can choose anything from elbow patching to a full garment revival, ensuring a moth attack or a larger rip doesn’t mean the end of a garment’s life. 

For those pieces that might be beyond some TLC, Cashmere Circle offers an upcycling service that sees pieces reimagined into something new—from baby shoes to fingerless gloves or an entirely re-styled sweater. 

Co-Founder and CEO, Ross Powell, believes a return to natural fabrics could be the answer—not just for consumers but for our planet, too.

We need to slow consumption, promote garment care and embrace materials that can stand the test of time. Natural, biodegradable and a fibre that softens with wear, cashmere if cared for appropriately, can be the perfect luxury fibre for a more sustainable fashion future. 

“Cashmere Circle aims to be a truly sustainable business – environmentally of course, but also socially, by ensuring jobs and skills are retained in the Borders.” 

Cashmere Circle would love to start 2021 by offering five lucky readers a full revival and repair of their favourite cashmere garment.

Be it a couple of small moth holes, a larger issue needing to be patched or even just a favourite piece that you’d like to breathe new life into, Cashmere Circle will arrange a courier collection at no hassle, and have your garment looking ready to rock what will surely be a better year ahead!

To enter, simply fill in the form below.

Competition ended January 9 2021.

Congrats to: Hilaire Evans, Christina Rahman, Tiffany Hodgson, Farwah Farrukh, and Shanaz Patel!

For more information, please click here.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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