Meet Kevin Richardson, Lion Whisperer

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Kevin Richardson, Lion Whisperer”.

It’s a title he doesn’t like, but how else can you label his  extraordinary relationship with these beautiful animals?  As a zoologist and animal behaviourist, he works at a lion park  in South Africa. Here he has formed incredible relationships  with the big cats – playing with them, lying down with them,  being included in every part of their lives as ‘one of the pride’.

Those who work with lions in the traditional way – using sticks,  chains and coercion – call him crazy. But Kevin’s ability to get inside the head of a lion, using love, patience and a unique  empathy, have kept him safe in situations that would result in  certain death to anyone else. This is Kevin’s incredible story: how a man could become part of a lion pride, giving fascinating  insight into the lives of one of the world’s most beautiful and  powerful animals, and sending a message that in order to keep this beautiful species on Earth, we need to conserve–and possibly even give back–their natural habitats.

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Chere Di Boscio
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