Dubai Haute Couture Goes Green

For the first time ever, Dubai’s prestigious Haute Couture show will feature eco-friendly designers.

Glamorous, exotic, rich. Those are the adjectives usually associated with culture in the Gulf. But eco-friendly? Never! Or at least until now, that is.

Eluxe Magazine is proud to announce that it, along with Involver Experience Events and PR, will be planning the region’s first ever ‘green’ additions to the renowned Haute Couture Experience in Dubai in October 2013. The same event will be held later in Abu Dhabi in early 2014.

Technological Turns Lyrical II by Ezra for SeVen (2)

The first Dubai Haute Couture Experience was held in 2007, at the world’s only 7 star hotel, The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and was attended by regional and international celebrities, royalty and select media and VIPs. The event was so successful, it set the standard for luxury and high fashion events in the Middle East, but one thing was missing–eco friendly designers.

Having a green element to major Fashion events is nothing new. London’s Estethica has been running for years; Berlin has its Green Runway,  New York’s green catwalk has made celebrities out of its eco-designers, like Susan Woo and David Peckham. But nothing of the sort was ever seen in Dubai, until Acer Jamal, of Involver Experience Events, was inspired to show that the Gulf cares about the planet, too.

SeVen(TM) at the Burj Al Arab

First steps in this direction were taken by Vogue Italia, who along with the Dubai Mall, held a competition for eco-designers. So great was the success of that project, Jamal’s enthusiasm for the Green Galleries at the Haute Couture Experience has only grown more intense, and he stated that the event could not only change common perceptions of the Middle East as being a centre for waste and carelessness, but it would also raise the image of all participating designers, too.

Love at First Light III by Rami Al Ali for SeVen

Eluxe is now seeking couture as well as accessory, shoe and jewellery designers from the Middle East and beyond to feature their work at the Haute Couture Experiences in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

For more information about sponsorship or submitting designs for the Green Galleries, please contact:

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