Highlighting + Contouring Tips From the Experts

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By Arwa Lodhi

Middle Eastern women are boss at this. They’re arguably the original Queens of Contouring, but the Kardashians soon grabbed that crown and the rest of us followed. Whether or not you wear much makeup on a daily basis, you’re probably familiar with contouring and highlighting, the makeup techniques that give the face a highly chiseled appearance.

A proper contouring technique can also slenderize the face, give it higher cheekbones, a narrower nose, a more structured jaw line, and even a smaller forehead if you need it. Highlighting gives your face a glow by highlighting the highest points of the face so that light will reflect from them, showing off your best features and minimizing your worst.

But getting these techniques right requires a bit of practice and knowledge. For top highlighting and contouring tips from the experts, we turned to Beauty Press – and YouTube vloggers  – for their advice.

First: Determine Your Face Shape

Depending on your face shape: heart, rectangle, diamond, round or oval – you may need to find slightly different parts of your face for contouring and highlighting, as this video from Sephora explains beautifully.

How to Contour

  1. Apply concealer and foundation as normal.
  2. Take either a powder or liquid foundation in at least 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone and use a flat stippling brush to grab product.
  3. Start at the hollows of your cheek, make a ‘fish face’ if it helps you find them. Go in gentle tight circles as you move up towards your hairline.
  4. Extend up to the temples of your face and do a few swipes on your forehead right at the edge of your hairline. (This is where you can make your forehead looks smaller if you feel you need it).
  5. Take the brush and in the same motion graze your jaw line.
  6. Grab a little more product with your brush and run the brush along the sides of your nose. This will give your nose a slender appearance.

Natural Foundations We Love

PHB Ethical Beauty

Vegan friendly, halal, comes in a huge rainbow of shades, and comprised of pure minerals – what’s not to love? PHB’s vegan friendly Kabuki brush is the perfect way to apply this award winning powder.

Living Nature


Vapour Beauty Atmosphere Foundation

The gentle liquid formula is designed to balance normal, sensitive and combination skin types, while instantly providing a naturally soft, satin finish.  Contains 70% organic ingredients and 30% vitamins and minerals to soothe and protect your skin.

W3LL People Foundation Brush

Vegan friendly and made with soft nylon bristles, this brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation or blending all your highlighting and contouring products seamlessly.

How to Highlight

  1. An easy way to highlight if you do or don’t have a specific highlighting product is to use a light shade of concealer under the eye. Use a small amount and your finger to pat concealer on your under eye area. Gently extend the area to include the top of your cheekbones.
  2. Take a highlighting product and rub a small amount to the top of your cheekbones.
  3. Run that product on the top length of your nose.
  4. Place a small amount above your eyebrows, lengthwise.
  5. Also use highlighter on the brow bone, right underneath your brows.
  6. Use either your finger or a sponge to gently blend the highlighter into your skin.

Natural Highlighters We Love

Inika Light Reflecting Highlighter Creme

Boasting 83% organic ingredients, this highlighter cream can be applied to cheekbones, brow bones and even lips to show off your best features.

W3LL People Narcissist Foundation Stick

No matter what your skin colour, W3LL People’s Narcissist has a shade for you! This award-winning, easy to use stick is great for all skin types and heats up with your skin to blend easily.

100 Percent Pure Highlighter with SPF

Get glowing with thousands of light reflective pigments to give your skin a radiant incandescence! This vegan friendly  formula gives you a glowing complexion with full to medium coverage that still looks natural.

Contouring Tips From the Experts

Sources and main image: beautypress.com
Chere Di Boscio
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