Some Of The Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans of All Kinds

By Noa Ben Moshe

It can be tough to find a gift for someone, especially if you’re vegan! You know your dad wants a new wallet, but you don’t want to buy anything leather. Or maybe your bestie is a vegan, and you have no idea where to buy her that woven ‘leather’ belt she’s been asking for.

Well, fear not my friends – I’ve got some great ideas for you! Whether it’s for your boyfriend, 5 year old nephew or even for yourself, I’ve found some amazing, eco-friendly Christmas gifts for vegans and non-vegans alike!

Let’s start with some eco-conscious tips:

+ Sending a parcel by mail? Use a recyclable, reusable packaging. Forget about styrofoam ‘peanuts’ or bubble wrap: you can pack your parcels with balls of crumpled (used) paper, recycled shredded paper or even actual groundnuts (yes, really!) if something is really fragile.

+ If you’re meeting your loved ones before or during the holidays, just bring your gifts in a cool, reusable bag. This is such a great hack for avoiding excess packaging, as it adds an extra gift that your loved one will use time and time again – or, if they don’t want it, you can take it home with you for future use.

+Ask before you buy! Yes, it is nice to surprise someone, but maybe try to ask your loved one about a gift they would like to receive – this way you will buy something they will actually love and use and I’m sure they will be super grateful.

+Remember that the greatest gift you can give someone is your love, time and attention. Seriously! The perfect gift may be no more than a promise (perhaps expressed through a coupon in a card) to spend some time with someone you love. Why not give a ‘coupon’ promising to take your recipient out to a movie, on a hike, or on a weekend away?

Hope you enjoy these gift ideas! Let me know what you would like for Christmas in the comments.

xxx Noa

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Her

Roxanne Assoulin Bracelet

If you’re buying jewellery as a gift, don’t buy earrings – these are not returnable in most countries for hygienic reasons. Also, rings can be hard to fit, so bracelets and necklaces are your best bets. These slip on, stackable bracelets by Roxanne Assoulin are ethically made, and were inspired by sunsets, and are made from enamel, gold-tone and crystal-encrusted links.

Best for: Serious fashionistas Budget: High

Christmas gifts for vegans


Matt And Nat Bag

This Krista tote is the most perfect and practical black handbag that all of us need in our wardrobes. I absolutely love how sleek and minimalist it is – it’s roomy and its size is perfect for an everyday use, and it has a middle compartment for your laptop, which for me is a huge must for a blogger who’s constantly on the go. The best part? The red interior – it reminds me of Louboutin shoes – but vegan!

Best for: Stylish professionals Budget: High

Christmas gifts for vegans

Reusable Water Bottle

This reusable water is such a unique gift to give someone, as it is absolutely beautiful and not something we tend to see everywhere. This gift would make any woman smile (and drink more, which is always good!). This bottle by BeWater is BPA free, eco-friendly and there’s a great rubber handle to ensure it doesn’t slip out of your hand!

Best for: Friends on the go Budget: Low

Christmas gifts for vegans

Pacifica Solar Palette

This palette would be perfect for your makeup-loving friend. My favorites from it are the bronzer (that I mentioned in my previous article) and the golden highlighter. This palette is eco-friendly as it is made of 100% cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic ingredients and its packaging is 100% recyclable. It’s very good for traveling, as it has everything you possibly need in it.

Best for: Cute coquettes  Budget: Low

Christmas gifts for vegans

NAE Vegan Belt

This classic belt is made from eco-friendly vegan materials in Portugal. It’s the perfect gift – it goes perfectly with a pair of jeans, is easy to fit, and never goes out of style!

Best for: Fashionable friends Budget: Medium

Christmas gifts for vegans

Petit Vour Subscription

Petit Vour is an online store that offers lifestyle and beauty products that are completely vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic. It’s the perfect luxury destination for cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle. They do an amazing monthly vegan beauty subscription box sending the “crème de la cruelty-free.” Each month, 4-5 products ($45-$64 value) are delivered, including luxurious, non-toxic and plant-based beauty products, based on your own beauty profile. Each box comes with an information card about the products inside it, along with the prices of the full-size products.

I absolutely love their subscription box- It’s such a fun way to explore and discover new skincare and makeup!

Best for: Dedicated beauty product junkies Budget: From low to high


Gifts For Him

A Nice Wood Watch

Which man wouldn’t love a luxurious new watch? There are lots of vegan-friendly brands out there, but perhaps Jord offers the best quality, and I love how their wood is sustainably sourced: much of it was actually old furniture! You can also easily get the back engraved with a message of love, too. Oh, and another reason to buy him this watch: you can steal it from him anytime!

Best for: Personalising a gift Budget: High

Christmas gifts for vegans

Harry’s Copper Winston Set

Whether your guy usually has a bit of stubble or is always clean shaven, he’ll be happy to get this shaving kit by Harry’s. It’s got everything he needs for his morning routine, and the best part? The an eco-friendly, reusable copper-finish razor will let him say goodbye forever to single use plastic razors. But there’s also a refreshing eucalyptus-infused shaving cream and post-shave balm to give him an ultra-close shave.

Best for: Groomed dudes Budget: Medium

Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans

A Nice Vegan Wallet

This ethically-made, carbon neutral wallet is a classic that any man would enjoy. It’s time to replace his old wallet with a modern, vegan one.

Best for: The practical man Budget: Medium

Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans

Das Boom Wash

Technically designed to shorten morning showers, this natural body wash uses the power of argan oil, rosemary extract, and Vitamin E to nourish both hair and skin. But it’s the manly scent—a dark and earthy blend of bay rum, smoke, and dirt—that makes this such a great gift!

Best for: Everybody! Who wouldn’t love this? Budget: Low

Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans

A Classic Briefcase

If he’s still keeping all his belongings inside his pockets, it’s time to surprise him with the revolutionary invention that’s also known as a ‘briefcase’ – I promise he will thank you (and look much more stylish!) I love this one from Corkor.

Best for: Busy professionals Budget: High

Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans

Gifts for Kids

Fair-Trade, Eco-Friendly Toys

Kids will adore these amazing organic cotton stuffed animals by Joobles! Whether it’s a cat, penguin, fox or a dog, these stuffed animals will bring joy and comfort without harming little one’s health, animals or the environment.

Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans

Cute Eco Lunch Box

Kids will always need a cute lunch box whenever they go to school, and that’s why investing in a eco friendly one would make an incredible gift that kids would be super excited about. This Jurassic themed one, for example, is fiercely cute!

Best for: Kids on the go Budget: Medium

Best Christmas Gifts for Vegans

A Sweet Dress By Victoria Road

Since they grow so fast, kids always need clothes, and that’s why this is usually a safe bet when it comes to gifts for kids. I love this dress by ethical brand Victoria Road, which creates high quality fashion made from mainly natural materials by marginalised designers and artisans in Pakistan.

Best for: Girly girls Budget: Medium

Christmas gifts for vegans


Wood Puzzles

Puzzles are fun,engaging and mind developing (oh, and they will keep your kids busy!). Ethically made wooden puzzles will make a great gift that will allow you to spend some fun time with kids. Just make sure you get one that’s suited towards their age, so they’re challenged….but not too much!

Best for: Stimulating a kid’s brain Budget: Low

Care for Our World Book

Not only this book is beautifully illustrated, but it also has such a beautiful, valuable message about the importance of caring for all the plants, animals, and people that call planet Earth their home. The book ends with the lines: “Please care for all people, and all living things, with leaves, legs, or feathers, arms, fins, or wings. This is their world and it’s yours and it’s mine. If we treat it gently, it will last a long time”.

Best for: Sending a meaningful message Budget: Low


Christmas gifts for vegans



Noa Ben-Moshe
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