WIN A Sexy Lingerie Trio by Ayten Gasson

Ooh la la! This is definitely our most seductive competition ever!

Ayten Gasson makes gorgeous lingerie from vintage lace trims from the old lace mills in Nottingham and new English lace sourced from companies based in the UK to support the few people still manufacturing it. One such company is Cluny lace, who designed and made the lace used in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress in 2011 – so that should give you some idea about the quality of Ayten’s undies! She also uses eco-friendly materials like peace silk to create thoroughly seductive brassieres, knickers, teddies and more.

We’re giving away one set of her gorgeous Alexia knickers, bra and blindfold (or eyemask!) to one lucky winner, who will be emailed to tell us the correct size for the top and bottom.


To win, just enter your details below, and answer the question: what is peace silk? You can find the answer here if you’re not sure. 

A. Silk made without killing the silkworms B. Silk made from bamboo C. Silk that’s made by war veterans

Competition ended March 20th. Congrats to Kristina Richmond!

For more great comps, visit here.

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