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Luxury ethical jewellery brand Ananda Soul, originating from Bali, has launched its newest collection – Dharma.

The new collection invites you to take the plunge, tune into your soul and courageously live your calling.

The inspiration for this collection comes from a deep seated desire by founder and designer Christina Zipperlen to help women realise that they are so much more than their bodies and appearances.

Designed to celebrate the beauty that each and every one of us possesses in this exact moment, Ananda is the realisation that nothing outside of us can make us truly happy; it is the discovery that we already possess everything that we need to live the life we have been dreaming of.


Reflecting the delicate nature of the human complex, this collection is filled with intricate and ethereal pieces showcasing stunning ethically sourced gemstones including: Rose Quartz designed to encourage unconditional love and inspire you to follow your dreams, Rhodolite, Pink Tourmaline, Citrine and more.

Inspired by spiritual practices, yogic philosophy and ancient traditions, each piece is individually blessed with a message designed to empower the wearer in their day to day lives. This jewellery is a reminder of the pure joy and love that surrounds each and every one of us even when we don’t particularly feel it.

Ananda Soul is offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win a Durga Mala Bracelet. Named after a  fierce and radiant goddess, an icon of power and liberation who guides us through difficulties, this powerful bracelet carries sparkling gemstone beads increasing courage, intuition and communication skills.  


This bracelet is handmade by the moms at the Light Hope Foundation – empowering them and their children to a life off the streets, and is made of  24kt Gold Vermeil, Citrine, Aquamarine.  Ananda Soul is passionate about giving back to the community and they actively work with underprivileged women and children in Bali.  To find out more about this unique and revolutionary brand please click here.

To win, just enter your details below, and follow us on Facebook, leaving a message to say you entered. That’s it!

Competition ended January 3rd, 2017.  Congrats to  Sian Budgen!

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