WIN A Blumera Bag By Designer Mehera Blum

Traveling the globe, Mehera Blum of Blumera, delves deeply into the culture and innate skills of foreign lands to create one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted pieces. Beyond the design, incredible handcraft, vibrant colors, and exotic materials, clients often remark that there is an unusual, almost intangible, essence that is Blumera’s signature mark. Some call it Love.

Mehera defines herself as a creator, and it is this magic of creation that inspires her. Blum states, “The inception of the design begins with a spark of inspiration, which comes to me in a visual flash, this energy must take shape and this is creativity: bringing form to living energy.”

As Blumera evolves, Mehera is focusing more and more on the use of eco-friendly sustainable materials from organic sources. She is particularly interested in the use of flowers, vegetable dyes, sustainable wood sources such as mango wood, and the utilization of up-cycled materials including leather, gemstones, and other materials that may burden the earth.

Beauty is an essential component to the Blumera brand and ethos, and this is at the forefront of Mehera’s designs. Mehera believes in and supports artisanal craft collaborating with artisans the world-over. It is her passion to create and design small niche-collections utilizing the incredible skills of her artisans that have been passed down generation after generation.

Mehera’s heartfelt bond with her craftswomen and men can be felt upon a visit to their home where they sit on the floor together co-creating art. At the heart of Blumera is love, and each piece is made with love, from  inception  to the final crafting of medallions that hang from Mehera’s bags and other creations.

To win one of Mehera’s gorgeous, artisanal bags called the Nadine oversized clutch (as seen in the main picture), simply enter your details in the form below and follow her on Instagram here. Competition ended April 2nd 2017. Congrats to Rubina Dhillon!

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