WIN 1 of 5 Tee Shirts by Indigo Couture

By Diane Small


Eluxe doesn’t cover menswear, as any of our readers will know. But there are loads of great ethical, eco-friendly menswear brands out there, and Indigo Couture is one of the best by far!


Although indigo is normally one of the most toxic, polluting colours (think: jeans), Indigo Couture ensures they only use 100% safe, vegetable based blues for their garments.

Oddly enough, indigo is the world’s oldest man-made dye with a fascinating and colourful history dating back over 4000 years. Made from the Indigofera plant, the indigo dye production and the hand-dyeing process are biodegradable and 100% sustainable. In traditional processes, the organic cotton yarn is dipped patiently into the dye vat a total of 30 times to achieve its depth of colour.

Because this process is so time consuming and expensive, most clothing brands have turned to toxic synthetic indigo, But not so Indigo Couture, who use the skilled hands of artisan craftsmen to create their tee shirts for men.

This eco-friendly, ethical brand is giving FIVE lucky readers the chance to win a beautiful organic cotton tee-shirt yarn dyed with natural indigo for the man in their life.  Beautifully packaged, these make an excellent Christmas gift!

All you need to do is follow Indigo Couture on Instagram @indigo_couture or on Twitter @indigo_couture and enter your details below. Accounts will be checked and only followers will get the prizes.
Competition ended December 20th. Congratulations to 
Mich Clark, Candice Marie, Rob, Paul Glass, Peter Sharp!

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