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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The perfect Christmas present? A book, of course! And this freshly released one is ideal for the fashionista in your life. A stylish guide to navigating the evolving world of fashion, the intention of the book is to start a conscious conversation amongst consumers.

Author Tracey Martin strongly feels sustainability is our collective responsibility. Brands will begin to pay attention and create change when the voice of the consumer is heard over the white noise and chatter of the advertising, propaganda and agenda driven companies that will produce anything for a profit.

We must collectively address the global concerns that are all around us, from global warming conversations to what we eat, wear, drive and our homes. Every one of these entities are threads in our lives and are intricately woven together to form the fabric of HOW we live and HOW we consume. As a whole, consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their buying habits. There is an awakening to what our impact is on this planet.

The book showcases what the truth is behind the current fashion industry and what it will look like when the industry begins to shift into new ways of doing business, as well as redefining luxury in today’s world. Along with an informative chapter for resources of brands to trust, Sustainable in Stilettoes invites the chic fashionista with a conscience to step into sustainability and begin to start shifting in a more ethical and mindful way of living.

This book helps the reader live her life in a more fulfilling and beautiful way. Each one of us can chose to show up differently in this world, and humanity will be the biggest benefactor when this happens. Choose a more peaceful life through your choices.

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