WIN! 1 of 5 Aromatherapy Sprays By Saint Come

By Arwa Lodhi

This November, a range of 15 Room Sprays by Saint Come made with 100% pure and natural premium grade essential oils will hit the shelves of Britain’s top well-being and natural shops.

These products, made in Burgundy, France, have been sold there since 1998 and are getting exceptional reviews from users. Burgundy is a land of contrasts: boiling hot summers, harsh cold winters, colourful spring fetes and festivals and an autumn where trees and vines are turning gold. These changes are reflected in the scents that perfume the air of the region, from blooming lavender and tart lemon to sultry herbs.

Claude Richard, trained and specialised in pharmaceutical compounding, along with his twin brother Christian, own one of the oldest and most famous pharmacies in Dijon. Inspired by the beautiful terrain of Burgundy, they created products encapsulating wonderful fragrances to enhance the home, office and car atmospheres, simultaneously benefiting the users with the Essential oils’ psycho-sensory effects.

Working with a synergy of Essential Oils was their base idea. Using only those which were 100% pure and natural and premium grade to create an excellent product was a must, and because they wanted their customers to have the very best, they decided to use between 8 to 12% Essential Oils, depending on the scent – which 6 to 9 times more than the usual brands. This gives Aromaspray their longer-lasting effects, which can last up to a few hours. The brand has also created a recyclable bottle able to spritz around 500 powerful sprays. Just one spray is enough for a space of 10 square metres.

For now, 6 delicious scents are available in the UK:

  • Lavender-Rosemary: the most popular scent of the range will revitalise you and your home. An uplifting boost to the atmosphere by bringing the warmth of Provence to you.
  • Mint-Eucalyptus: this relaxing, herbaceous yet woody fragrance is creating a “feeling good” and fresh effect.
  • Orange -Palmarosa: there is nothing cloying or overpowering about it, will remind you of warmer, more exotic sunny places.
  • Lemon Cedar: this zingy, yet remarkably delicate fragrance, will revitalise you and your home.
  • Thyme Cinnamon: wonderful in the kitchen or living room, ideal for winter Sunday afternoons 
  • Pillow Mist: authentic formula with Chamomile and Neroli. A must-have when sleeping is difficult.

To enter to win 1 full sized bottle of these 6 scents by Saint Come, just fill in your details below.

Five winners will be chosen at random.

Competition ended on November 8 2017. Congrats to Lora Marie Santo, Maralyn Smith, Jackie Allen, Jonathan Bullen and Sarah Spencer

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