WIN 1 of 3 Taster Boxes From the Protein Ball Co

We all know that protein balls are the new cookies. I mean, it just makes sense! They’re sweet, snackable and go great with a hot coffee or iced tea. But the best part is that they’re way, way healthier – and of course, they’re a great way to get a protein fix!

As well as being healthy and nutritious, all protein balls from the Protein Ball Co are  gluten free,  wheat free,  vegetarian  and contain  no soy,  GMO’s  or  added sugars! It may sound like a big company, but actually the Protein Ball Co is run by husband and wife team  Matt and Hayley Hunt after they searched (without success) for healthy, protein based snacks.

Hayley decided to take matters into her own hands and first started making these for her family, using raw ingredients. They were shared with friends, who were so impressed, they recommended selling them. Today, the company has over 100 recipes ready to share.

Their conveniently portable protein snacks are perfect for anyone who’s health conscious, into fitness, looking for a low cal snack, and are also perfect for packed lunches – a great idea, since (sadly!), back-to-school-and-work time is lurking just around the corner.

The Protein Ball Co. makes a wide variety of seriously tasty protein balls in different flavours, including:

  • Peanut Butter (Best seller, Whey Protein)

  • Coconut + Macadamia (Whey Protein)

  • Cacao + Orange (Whey Protein)

  • Lemon + Pistachio (Vegan, Pea & Rice Protein)

  • Goji + Coconut (Vegan, Pea & Rice Protein)

  • Cherry + Almond (Paleo, Egg White Protein)

The Protein Ball Co is offering 3 lucky winners the chance to win a gift box that includes each and every one of those delicious flavour combinations! And if you want to try these little balls of fun out before the competition ends, you can always find them at Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic or at Tossed.

All you need to do to enter is fill in your details below. That’s it!

Competition ended September 3 2017. Congrats to Paul Halling, Rebecca Mercer and Claire Little!

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