WIN A Cook’s Dream Package With Marphyl Sea Salt

Ah, the ocean! Many of us adore being by its side, inhaling its humidity and hearing the soothing sounds of its waves. It is the basis for all life, bringing us food, water – and salt. And now, one sustainable Canadian based company Marphyl, has developed a range of flavoured sea salts, using 100% natural ingredients from the sea and beyond.

Marphyl’s salts are most commonly used seasoning, as a healthy and tasty enhancement for a variety of dishes, and of course, it’s suitable for vegans. But in addition to transforming typical dishes into gourmet delights, these versatile crystals can also benefit your skin when you soak in them in a hot bath, or when you use them as facial or body scrubs. A valuable source of nutrients for a healthy functioning body, Marphyl’s sea salt will boost your overall health, too, as it has been harvested using an ethical method that best retains its natural trace minerals.

Marphyl produces their salts in various flavours, including turmeric, rosemary, cayenne and lime, plain and phytoplankton. In case you’re wondering what on earth that could be, phytoplankton has been named as one of the world’s most nutritionally dense foods, providing essential nutrients that lack in most of our diets such as fatty acids, amino acids and a vast spectrum of phytochemicals.

Attempting to develop as many different forms of this wild super food as possible, Marphyl have successfully optimized the benefits of marine phytoplankton by gently drying ocean water at a very low temperature to harvest the phytoplankton.

Marphyl is also a socially conscious company, giving back 1% of all their sales to Mission Blue, an association that aims to provide greater protection for the world’s seas.

Marphyl sea salt is a great replacement for your everyday, nutritionless table salt – it definitely deserves a place in your kitchen!

If you’d like to win not only ALL the flavours of Marphyl’s salts, but also a phytoplankton supplement that will help joints, cartilage, hair, skin and nails, just enter your details below.

Competition ends September 17 2017

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