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Tried and Tested: Anika Organic Skincare

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By Candice Marie

When choosing personal care products, something very important to take into account is the fact that  government regulations allow virtually any ingredient to be used in the manufacture of products that we use daily on our skin, hair, and nails. As you can read about in other Beauty posts on Eluxe, some of these ingredients are very toxic and can even damage your skin more than help it. I am on a constant hunt for the best natural cosmetics I find from around the world, and I would definitely say that  Anika  Organic Luxury ranks right at the top.


I first discovered  Anika  at the  Ti Sana Detox Retreat  in Italy five months ago.  I went to the spa because I felt toxic; my skin was extremely sensitive, with large open pores and severe adult acne.   If that wasn’t enough, I was also encountering the first signs of ageing, only in my mid 20s.  I hoped a fasting cleanse, exercise and relaxation would help, but what also had a large impact, I think, was Anika Organic’s  Harmony skincare range, which was recommended to me by  Ti Sana’s beautician.  

With active ingredients such as lavender water and Aloe Vera, the specially formulated cleanser, toner and moisturiser seemed to promise a gentle balance that could help my tortured skin. The line wasn’t cheap, but my skin was so bad, I was willing to make the investment.


I immediately found that unlike most products, the cleanser is completely non-drying for my skin, and gentle enough not to aggravate the breakouts I used to suffer from. The cleanser was so thorough, I found myself not really needing the toner every night, so used it every other, to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup. Again, the formula was gentle, and clearly perfume free; it seemed even gentler on my upset skin than water.

Finally, the moisturiser. I usually have trouble with creams, as they either laid heavily on my skin, causing further breakouts, or when I switched to lighter products, they seemed to evaporate into thin air–easily done in my arid hometown in Australia.  Anika’s cream, though, is the perfect balance for me–neither too heavy or too light, it left my skin hydrated and dewy without leaving any greasy residue.

Overall, since we were first introduced, Anika’s  Harmony  has  dramatically refined my skin’s texture, reduced my sensitivity and has promoted a clear complexion.  The range’s  valuable organic plant extracts have also encouraged the formation of new, fresh skin, cells and my tiny wrinkles are literally being smoothed away by better hydration and regenerated skin.  It took a few months, but now my face looks and feels healthy again.  As someone who has personally tested this product, I highly recommend  Anika  Organic Luxury, and look forward to trying their other lines,  Vitality  and  Energy.

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