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Tried and Tested: Neom Organics

By Chere Di Boscio

While you may be reading this in the sunshine, say, on a tablet, sitting outdoors under a eucalyptus tree, on freshly mown grass, surrounded by buttercups and daisies, I sit here writing in a damp Parisian flat, gazing out the window to grey skies and a street that smells of cigarettes, diesel fumes and wet dogs.

Oh la la! What’s a girl to do when spring just won’t…spring? Even in Paris?

A pampering spa day at home was my answer, and I had a brand new bag full of Neom products to use.

The Neom Home Spa Experience

Neom is building quite a name for itself as an organic luxury bath and home range in the UK. Every women’s magazine from Tatler to Living Etc claim Neom is the greatest thing to come out of the UK since Kate Middleton, but could the products live up to the hype?


I lifted the wooden lid off the heavy, round Β Bluebell, Guaiacwood & Rose candle and inhaled deeply. Heady and woody, the scent is comforting and earthy; more woods than rose gardens. A little card inside the box reminded me that as the candle is made from pure, organic ingredients, there may be some irregularities or bubbles in the wax, but after lighting the 3 wicks at once and sinking into a deep bath, no such problems were noted.

neom organics

Though the tub was now surrounded by the scent of the forest floors of ancient England, I couldn’t resist adding some Tranquility Bath Oil to the water. Β Like a good perfume, there were actually notes in this bath oil: first a burst of sweet basil, surprisingly, followed by a very subtle jasmine, punctuated by a spicy lavender. The purity of the oils here is clear–there is nothing sickly chemical about this smell, as there often is in other perfumed products.


The oil is light, and sat in fat dollops on the water, until I started to move around a bit, that is. Then it started sinking into my skin, leaving me soft, scented, and slightly sleepy.

But it was time for the real fun to begin: a massage with Neom’s Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Body Oil from the world’s best masseuse: my husband. To be honest, using this rich, velvety oil for a full body massage seemed a bit indulgent, but as Neom recommends using their preservative-free products within six months, and says in its literature, ‘we don’t believe in saving the Best for Best’. In other words, live for the moment.

I’m glad I did. After two full hours of immersing myself in Neom Organics, I was actually pleased the rain gave me an excuse to stay indoors and enjoy the lingering pleasures of the sensual whiff of the English countryside.

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