Tried and Tested: Isa’s Restoratives

Little boosts a brand’s credentials quite like celebrity endorsement. Most boys would buy socks made from rat skin if Lionel Messi said they were the secret to his genius; most girls would smear sheep spit on their faces if that’s what Gisele said gives her a radiant glow, and most people in general would buy anything that Adrian Grenier says is great. Which he does about Isa’s Restoratives.


As a strong eco-advocate, Grenier probably most likes that these products are completely natural: from the Rose and Echinacea Root cleansing grains with Rhassaul clay to the fir needle and sage deodorant, this range is as pure as can be. But does it work?

I’ve never had to wear deodorant (yes, really!) so I passed that product on to my husband. After a hard day commuting in the Paris subway and working a stressful job, he declared he’d give the liquid spray deodorant a B-. Unlike his usual (chemically loaded, designer-perfumed) stick, this didn’t leave him with a slight itch and blocked some of his…’natural scent’, shall we say, but he said it probably would have worked better with several applications throughout the day.

main-adrien-grenierThe first product I tried was the Comfrey Salve. After the longest winter ever, my heels and elbows were drier than they’ve ever been, and this thick, mildly scented salve worked just as well as Vaseline, but without the petroleum by-products.

The Blue Chamomile Face Cream also became a quick favourite: it looks like avocado mousse (and indeed, avocado oil, along with Shea butter, aloe gel and carrot seed oil are amongst the ingredients) and its greenish tint contrasts any slight redness you may have in your skin. Although the product’s oils seemed to separate slightly, requiring a thorough rubbing-in, once this was on my face, I was hydrated and smooth for the rest of the day.

To add some colour to my lips and cheeks, I applied a dab of the Lilac Rouge–a wee bit is all you need. The intense crimson is best diluted with a bit of the Comfrey Salve to give a natural blush, but on the lips, it looks best when thickly layered. As with any red lip product, it’s essential to put it on after all dry skin has been removed from your kisser; any flakes will show up darker. Fortunately, Isa’s Restoratives makes a Rose and Echanacea Root exfoliator that can remove any dead cells, but due to the non-delicious presence of Rhassaul clay in this, I’d recommend it more for the body and face.


The last product I tested was the Rose and Bramble Leaves Astringent, whose ingredients sound more like a cocktail than a beauty product: Red Raspberry Leaves, Red Rose…and Vodka! Unlike most other toners with alcohol, this one left my dry skin feeling hydrated and super clean.

So, while we may not have the star power of Adrian Grenier, based on its ethos, purity and results, we’d also like to give an endorsement to Isa’s Restoratives: these are natural products, sustainably packaged, that are gentle to your skin.

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