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Postcards From Paris: 2 French Spa Experiences

By Kasia Dietz Welcome to my first column for Eluxe. I’m thrilled to be sharing all my greatest and greenest beauty and fashion experiences in fashion and beauty from where Eluxe was born and where I currently live, Paris.…

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5 High Tech Facials To Try

By Chere Di Boscio and Miranda Waller Ahh…it feels so good when you go for a regular facial: think of the darkened room, the soft music, the aromatic products and gentle massaging in and washing off of high end…

Beauty Skincare Spas

A Universe of Relaxation: AquaMoon Spa

By Chere Di Boscio France is home to many pioneering beauty treatments, including the French manicure, the chignon bar, and mesotherapy, a rather tortuous anti-ageing technique that involves the injection of a cocktail of vitamins and other nutrients under…

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Beat the Winter Blues with Aromatherapy

By Diane Small As fall moves into full swing and beautiful colours abound, we may want to try to forget that winter will soon be upon us. While winter is usually associated with family, celebration, and lots of eating,…

Beauty Health Spas

The Ancient Ritual of the Hammam

By Stacey Siebritz The story of the hammam is an ancient one, and is reportedly rooted in the ancient Roman bathing ritual. After observing the Roman baths of Syria in 630 AD, the prophet Mohammed apparently recommended “sweat baths”…

Beauty Spas

Tried and Tested: Neom Organics

By Chere Di Boscio While you may be reading this in the sunshine, say, on a tablet, sitting outdoors under a eucalyptus tree, on freshly mown grass, surrounded by buttercups and daisies, I sit here writing in a damp…