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Great Organic Grooming Brands for Guys

By Sophia Hussain

Hello handsome!  Maintain your masculine skin with skincare designed especially to address the needs of male skin.  In comparison with women’s skin, men’s skin is oilier, has larger pores, and is more sensitive due to a daily shaving routine (for some of you, that even means twice-daily shaves).  So no sharing toiletries, guys! Keep your hands off ours and buy your own instead.

Whether you know a man looking for a brilliant skincare routine, or you are a man who just wants to have good skin using eco-friendly products  (that are never tested on animals), here are a few organic grooming brands for guys, made specifically by men,  for men – they’re definitely anything but feminine.


What do guys probably care about most in terms of their appearance? Yep – it’s got to be hair! And NATULIQUE makes a great range of products for men, including shampoos, hair dyes and styling products. For example? Their  line of hair styling products for men – which contains  certified organic ingredients and is  free of parabens, sulfates, paraffin and other nasties – features things like organic beard oil, volumizing shampoo, hair gels, and a curl cream to set  curls apart, avoiding frizz even on the most humid of days, and gives your hairdo an actual, y’know, shape.

66 °30

Named after the angle of the Earth’s inclination and the origin of the seasons – 66 °30 is an organic-certified and sustainable Parisian skincare line for men.  Founded by eco-conscious founder Didier Arnault, the collection consists of five lines catered to the specific skincare needs of men.  Their patented “Urban Shield” formula is included in the entire collection, and designed to protect the skin from modern urban offenders: ozone, pollution, and sunlight.  The “Urban Shield” formula in 66 °30 skincare contains nourishing botanicals such as Turkish fig extract, Butterfly Tree, and Crambe maritime seaweed.



This no nonsense organic and ethical skincare collection for men invites you to become their next “Man of the Month”.  Founded by Paris-based Nicolas Berdugo, WorldWildMen Cosmetics Organic is a collection of six skincare lines and two bodycare lines for every type of men.  WorldWideMen contains skin-nourishing ingredients including almond oil, sesame seed, avocado, and evening primrose.  Minimalist white and black bottles with stunning visuals, with the Nature et Progrès certification, this line is sure to attract the no-nonsense man.



Create a euphoric spa experience designed just for men.  Montreal-based Lee Gilbert founded KENMEN, a luxury organic skincare and body care collection that consists of eight categories to help create a comprehensive skincare experience, including shaving or an after-sports ritual.  “KEN” is Japanese for “strong, healthy and well-being” which are, of course, some  the traits of the perfect man.  Containing skin soothing ingredients including organic aloe vera, calendula flower extract, and cucumber extract, it brings an indulgence no longer reserved for the ladies.



Considered the world’s first ever commercial toothpaste, Botot was invented in 1755 for King Louis XV of France. Containing no synthetic ingredients but packed with ginger, Gillyflower and cinnamon, it freshens your breath, promotes healthy circulation in the gums, warms the mouth and best of all, tastes like Big Red chewing gum.

Botot also makes a mouthwash that’s equally natural, and tastes equally good! Just be sure not to drink it.



Guys are usually a bit sensitive about their hair, and using a pure shampoo ensures that follicles are not irritated or damaged, thus reducing some kinds of hair loss. This brand is based on pure, raw and active plant ingredients and comes formulated for normal, dry, and oily hair. Based on Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Rice Protein and Horsetail, it supports regeneration and stimulates blood circulation to the skin and hair roots.



Perfect for vegans, this gentle line of shaving creams, facial moisturisers and anti-ageing products contains natural oils and ingredients like oak apple tannins to help deliver softer, younger looking skin. Always completely free of artificial colours, fragrances and never tested on animals, Bulldog is a completely vegan friendly range because they refuse to use any kind of animal-derived products in their skincare. With a slightly citrusy scent, Bulldog smells great, too!




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