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Tried & Tested: Natural Makeup Brands Studio 78 and PHB

Tried & Tested: Studio 78

By Renee Nat

The trouble with natural, organic makeup is often finding the brilliant colours we’ve become accustomed to thanks to artificial ingredients. Using non-synthetic pigments means it can be tough to create lasting colour in beauty products–but we’ve found two brands that know how to do just that.

To create brilliant colours, the Paris-based company Studio 78 uses a ‘baked formula’ technology for its powders, which fuses natural mineral powders and organic vegetable oils.gamme_0414

I tried Studio 78’s ‘We Pamper’ pressed, mattifying powder. It has a silky-soft texture and is applied easily with a brush for a smooth, even look. It works really well to eliminate shine and leaves a polished finish to which you can further apply blush or bronzer. I have oily skin and am often struggling to keep myself looking grease-free all day, but the ‘We Pamper’ powder does a good job of it, depending on the day’s activities (i.e. I did get a bit shiny again after climbing the many sets of stairs in Paris’ Montmartre district). The powder is Ecocert Organic approved, which for this product translates to 99% of the total ingredients coming from natural, GMO-free plants and minerals, with no synthetic dyes or fragrances, but only 10% of the ingredients are from organic farming.


I also checked out Studio 78’s ‘Let’s get Married’ liquid lipstick.  This thick, creamy eco makeup comes out of a skinny pen, and the intense deep pink shade really packs a punch. It provides intense, all-over coverage that I personally thought worked best for a night on the town, rather than for every day wear. If you’re going to be sipping from a straw all night, you’ll likely need to reapply at some point, but I found its lasting power to be on par with most liquid lipsticks from more commercial brands.  Studio 78’s lipstick is also derived completely from Ecocert certified natural products and 40% of the ingredients, such as orange oil, come from organic farming–important considering this stuff goes all over your mouth.

Overall, Studio 78 strives to achieve a balance between working with natural ingredients and focusing on achieving top-grade colour and texture in its products. Both the mattifying powder and lipstick are a welcome addition to a more healthy, and eco-friendly beauty routine, and as an added bonus, the retro 60’s illustration on the packaging is pretty cool too.

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Tried & Tested: PHB Powder, Blusher and Mascara

Whilst Renee says she has oily skin, mine is quite dry, so I rarely use powder. To test this product though, I did apply it as a makeup setter over my foundation. It’s a light, breezy product, with the added benefit of an SPF factor or 15, which is all I need for winter.

The powder is paraben, talc, and cruelty free is also certified vegan and is based on only pure minerals. It comes in a small, purse sized compact and needs a fat brush swept across it to apply. I found that it kept my makeup in place whilst helping to even out my skin tone a bit more–great for a night out, but too much makeup for me during the day.

.PHB Mineral Bronzer Ad

I also tried the Mineral Blusher in Sienna to highlight the space under my cheekbones. The compact is very similar in size to the powder, and the texture of this seemed a bit thicker, but the colour wasn’t great for my skin tone–I need something with pinker undertones, and this was very much like a bronzer (though the company also produces a separate line of bronzers). Still, I will keep the product around because I plan to dash a bit of this on my cheeks, nose and chin in summer for a slightly sunkissed look.

The final product I tried was a brown mascara, based on a mineral recipe. We often don’t think about it, but most mascaras are full of parabens–which may get into our eyes–and also may contain plastic based ingredients to extend lashes. Not so PHB’s formula.

PHB Mineral Eye Makeup Ad

I have very long lashes, and was absolutely delighted that this brand didn’t clump or leave a smudge under my eye when I blink, or even rub my eyes a bit. It was long lasting, but easy to take off, and the brown colour, which initially made me wary, actually looks more natural and less ‘pageant queen’ than black. Perhaps not surprisingly, PHB’s mascara ranges have actually won them a few beauty industry awards for their staying power and effortlessly beautiful effect.

In fact, I’d highly recommend PHB’s mascara range for anyone who wants their eyes to have an intense, but natural look.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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