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Must Try Mineral Makeup Ideas for a Radiant Skin

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By Alana Mitchell

Like a true art form, applying mineral makeup gets better with practice. Since it’s a different texture and consistency than typical liquid or packed powder makeup, if applied incorrectly, mineral makeup can look patchy or uneven.

Don’t let the idea of loose mineral products intimidate your inner makeup artist. You can achieve a flawless, natural finish that will have your skin looking radiant. From choosing the right tools to the right technique, we’re here to help you get the look you’re after.


Think of your skin as a beautiful, blank canvas. The best way to begin your mineral makeup journey is with the proper preparation. Make sure you’re starting on a freshly washed and moisturized face for the best results. A little primer couldn’t hurt either, if you’re feeling so inclined and wish for your look to last longer. Make sure it doesn’t leave an oily film on your face – mineral makeup is loose and will attach to patchy spots.

Try: Vapour Beauty’s Stratus Skin Perfector

The original organic BB Cream, a 3-in-1 moisturizer, primer, and no-color foundation. Vapour’s Light Reflective Technology immediately perfects the appearance of your skin, so you appear younger and refreshed.

Choose The Right Shade

Mineral powder reflects light, so this means you should choose a color that’s a shade or two darker than your usual liquid makeup. Minerals also combine with the oils in your skin to look natural after setting for a few minutes. If your makeup looks too powdery or light after application, you probably need a darker shade.

Try: Alima Pure

This vegan friendly, clean makeup brand offers a wide range of hues and mineral based products for all skin tones.

A Little Goes A Long Way

As with most things makeup-related, it’s much easier to apply a little and add more than it is to take away. If the loose mineral powder doesn’t offer the effects you desire, then try the pressed powder for a lighter coverage that won’t sink into your fine lines. Dab a little on your brush at a time, and see how you like the look for a few moments before adding more.

The perfect way to apply mineral powder is to use the jar lid as an extra tool. Put a small amount of powder in the lid of the jar, and swirl your brush into the minerals. Lightly tap your brush two or three times to release the excess powder (this helps for a more natural application). Then gently brush the powder onto our face, starting with a thin layer and then adding more layers as needed.  Apply in a downward stroke to avoid highlighting the little peach fuzz on your face (hey, we all have it!).

Try: Hynt Beauty Discovery Kit

This has everything you could possibly ask for in terms of getting flawless skin: foundation, concealer, finishing powder and more! There’s even a card with tips and and flat brush to blend.

Buff With The Right Brush

Ah yes, speaking of brushes, the Kabuki brush is the brush du jour when it comes to proper mineral makeup application. Think of it as an investment, because it’s the most effective brush for applying mineral powder and buffing it onto your face. It’s specifically designed to provide an even application and help you achieve a natural, flawless finish that will keep people guessing if you’re actually wearing makeup or not.

Try:  W3LL People Kabuki Brush

A great, vegan friendly flat head powder brush perfect for applying pressed and loose Mineral Makeup. When used to buff in a downward motion, this multi-taking brush leaves behind an even, airbrushed finish on every last feature.

Mineral Eyeshadow Must-Knows

Mineral eyeshadow is incredibly versatile. It can be applied both dry and wet, and with the right brush, can be used as a liquid eyeliner. Mineral eyeshadows are easy to blend, and can also be added in layers. It’s easier to correct application mistakes with mineral eyeshadows compared to pressed, because of the consistency.

Try: Grace My Face Eyeshadows

Vegan friendly and in a huge, huge variety of colours and textures, from matte to glitter.

Cruelty-Free Products

An added benefit to mineral makeup is that you’ll often find that it’s cruelty-free. Always make sure the products are certified cruelty-free to be certain that they are cruelty-free mineral cosmetics.

Mineral makeup can seem intimidating because it’s different than what most people are used to. But with a little practice and patience, you’ll have a perfectly flawless mineral makeup application in no time!

Try: PHB Mineral Beauty

PHB is super vegan-friendly, and has a wide range of mineral based products including powders, bronzers, eye shadows, liquid foundations and more.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Given that most lipsticks contain some pretty nasty chemicals, including toxic colourants, preservatives and even perfumes, choosing a natural, mineral based lipstick is a must.

Try:  BareMinerals Nude and Nice

This liquid lipcolour may be a surprise if you’re used to thinking that mineral makeup is always powdery. These go on with a creamy finish, and contain no nasties.

And For Some Final Tips…

Want to learn three ways to use mineral foundations? Just check out this video! You’re guaranteed to glow.

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Alana Mitchell is the day spa owner at Skincare by Alana, beauty/skincare expert and licensed esthetician. 

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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