How To Strengthen Your Hair With Nanoil

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Hair is the crowning glory of femininity. Healthy,long and shiny hair makes us look stunning regardless of what we wear. But wonderful hair isn’t easy to achieve; our locks are attacked daily by pollution, hair products, and heated styling tools, and that’s not all – stress and a poor diet can also inhibit the growth of healthy hair.

Passion, knowledge and understanding of the structure of the hair strands and their life cycle is what the experts of Nanoil bring to hair care, and they’ve created a variety of all-natural hair oils that beautify, regenerate and stimulate hair growth. 

But what you need to know before you can best apply Nanoil is your type of hair, based on its porosity.

What exactly is the porosity of hair?

There are three types of hair porosity: low, medium and high. Each one defines how much keratin scales are being raised from the hair’s stem. The greater the deviation of the scales, the higher the porosity and the more damaged the hair.

Raised hair scales – or gaps and holes in the cuticle – require large particles and molecules that will adapt to their size. Some molecules won’t be able to get between the closed scales on hair with low porosity, for example. To use a metaphor: using the wrong hair cosmetic is like wearing shoes that are too big or small for your feet.

Determining the porosity of your hair is easy – just take this online hair porosity test, or look at the descriptions below.

Low Porous Hair

The strands are thick and strong, but at the same time heavy and lacking in volume. It is difficult to damage and dry out this kind of hair, but it is easy to disrupt the level of sebum on the scalp, which tends to become oily.  

What you need: gentle care without a product overload; basic cleansing of the scalp.

Aim: light, shiny and soft hair, healthy and clean scalp.

Perfect product: Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair. It contains properly balanced oils of low molecular weight, which penetrate into the interior of your hair shafts without overloading them. Nanoil leaves hair light, soft, smooth and full of radiance, while preventing excessive sebum secretion. The product facilitates styling and protects the strands from damage. It takes care of the scalp and strengthens the bulbs. It contains 9 natural oils and ingredients stimulating hair growth, as well as vitamins A and E

Medium Porous Hair

We can best describe this kind of hair as being weakened. The strands are not yet badly damaged, but you hair’s condition needs some TLC: the ends are beginning to dry out, and an inordinate number of strands can fall out. Medium-porous hair is sensitive: it is very easy to worsen its condition. It is dull and lacks vitality. The strands can be oily at the roots, while the ends are split. Because the base is weakening, hair growth is slowing down.

What you need: strong protection, nutrition and strength from bulbs to the ends, as well as the repairing of broken bonds in their interior of the shaft. Your hair requires a clean scalp with the right degree of hydration.

Aim: healthy, strong hair from the roots, that stops falling out and grow thick, shiny and elastic.

Perfect product: Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair. This is a complex of 6 natural oils with medium particles, adjusted to moderate deviations on the hair shaft. The oils protect the hair on the outside and improve its internal structure. Nanoil enhances your hair’s shine and elasticity, smoothes out frizz, and inhibits hair loss, accelerating the growth of healthy, strong hair. It protects the tips and prevents them from splitting, as well as protecting your locks from toxins in the environment, such as car fumes and cigarette smoke.

Highly Porous Hair

This is hair with serious problems. The strands tend to be fragile, brittle and dry, they often get frizzy and lack radiance and smoothness. High porosity hair has strongly deflected scales, which quickly absorb impurities and toxins. The hair easily breaks and falls out. Also, it gets tangled during combing because it is rough, thin and undisciplined.

What you need: hydration, protection, strong regeneration and repair of both internal and external defects in the hair structure. Strengthening of the hair bulbs, restoring the hydro-lipid barrier on the scalp, smoothing, polishing and increasing the vitality of the hair.

Aim: denser, more elastic hair that’s full of vitality; shiny and smooth with strong bulbs.

Perfect product: Nanoil For High Porosity Hair. It contains a number of substances with strengthening effects. It improves the appearance of the hair, its condition and vitality. 6 natural oils with large, non-penetrating particles regenerate and protect the hair fibres, improving shine, softness and elasticity. Nanoil strengthens hair from bulbs, stimulating them to work. Perfectly moisturizes the strands and the scalp. Also, it protects against frost, sun, wind and toxins.

Creating a good hair cosmetic is an art that requires knowledge, passion, precision and a love of beauty. Nanoil meets all these requirements, and many more: it is accurate and infallible. It works on point, it is versatile: it is not only a hair repair treatment but also a strongly beautifying cosmetic that protects the hair, boosts growth and inhibits hair loss.

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