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Holiday Makeup: Bejewelled Beauty

By Sophia Hussain

Winter always means darker, richer makeup hues, and emerald eye shadows, amethyst nails and ruby red lips are absolutely stunning compliments to slinky holiday outfits.

To give this dramatic holiday makeup staying power on your eyes (always the main focal point of your face!), make sure you follow these steps:

1. Prep your eyes with primer to hold the loose mineral pigment.  Apply and blend Out of Space Balm by HIRO Cosmetics, as this multi-functional stick transforms shimmer hues into matte, and works as a primer, concealer, and foundation too.

2. Apply the eyeshadow pigment and slowly build up the colour.  Dip your eyeshadow brush into the pigment pot, tap off the excess powder, and gently press the brush against the lid, crease, or lashlines.  To intensify the colour, add more pigment; if you’d prefer to diffuse the hue, blend with a clean brush.  For a super-saturated colour effect, apply the pigment with a water dampened brush instead.

Now get ready to experiment with bejewelled hues that will make you shine like a diamond!

1. Quartz and Amethyst


How to do the eyes

Mimic the brown and gray gradients of smoky quartz gems for a smouldering effect.

Using Mineral Loose Eye Radiant Colour by AEOS cosmetics, apply Autumn Spice across the eyelids.  Then blend Smokey Grey by outlining along the lower lashline, and extending upwards to create a smudged crease in a > shape. Place a dot of Gold eye shadow under the brow’s arch, just in line with the pupil of the eye, and extend outwards and slightly downwards, towards the tip of the brow in a < shape.

Line the entire eye with a nice, creamy kohl like Und Gretl’s pencil liner, and fill in brows with thin flicks of their brown brow pencil. Top it all off with lashings of Lisa Noto Mascara for sensitive eyes in Black.


How to get the lips

Enhance a feminine mystique with rich amethyst lips.  Mae by Alwan is a gorgeous aubergine hue in cream finish.  First, outline lips with a burgundy or amethyst lip pencil, feathering the colour in softly towards your mouth. Then, apply a few careful swipes of this deeply pigmented delight, which contains natural vanillin extract and nourishing vitamin E for soft lush lips. For a matte effect, gently blot with a tissue.


Perfect Nails

PritiNYC’s 5-free Ruffled Velvet is a rich amethyst shade, as shown by Sassy Shelley, below–an ideal match for the lipstick!


2. Emerald and Ruby


How to do the eyes

Create vividly green eyes by using HIRO Mineral Eye Shadows. Apply Green Pepper across the eyelids, crease, and extending slightly towards the browbone.  Then apply Emerald along the lower lashline, and the outer eye crease to deepen the hue. Line eyes with AEOS pencil in Midnight Blue, and top it all off with lashings of Lisa Noto Mascara for sensitive eyes in Black. 


How to get the lips

To get sultry, ruby-red lips, apply Infinite by Axiology Beauty, a rouge hue in a creamy finish, for a luscious lip-stained effect. Moisturizing organic botanical butters and oils are added for a pretty pout. Blot, then re-apply for extra staying power. Be sure to make an O with your lips and pop your finger in and out to swipe out any lippie that may get on your teeth!


Perfect Nails

Treat Collection’s Buttoned Up is the perfect 5-free shade of Midnight Blue to compliment the oily-blue eye shadows for this look. Tip: remove even the darkest nail varnish naturally and completely with a gentle soy-based formula. Treat Collection’s works ‘a treat’ and also contains Argan oil and vitamins A C and E to condition nails.



3. Garnet, Onyx, and Amethyst


How to do the eyes

Reveal new light with darkness.  Using Mineral Eyeshadows by Neve Cosmetics, apply a delicate veil of Vintage, a warm burgundy hue with a hint of pink, across the eyelids, extending slightly into the upper inner eye corner, and the outer lower lashline. Then apply Dragon, an ingenious black duo-chrome compact, along the lower lashline, and crease. For a cosmic effect, shimmery emerald and amethyst hues appear when the light hits the black hue. Again, top it all off with lashings of Lisa Noto Mascara for sensitive eyes in Black. 


Now get the lips

Match these interstellar eyes with otherworldly lips.  Apply Phyt’s Prune Velours, a plum hue in a satin finish across the lips. This divine luxury contains organic sunflower, jojoba, and beeswax for a satin smooth finish.


Perfect Nails

Treat Collection’s Smokey Nail is a black shade with a difference–it’s got teeny, tiny sparkly particles in it, like wee, brilliant stars in a black night.



Makeup Shoot
Photographer: Gerolamo Marchetti –
MAKE UP: Letizia Maestri
Stylist: Carlo Sinesi
Dresses: Maddalena Triggiani
MODELS: Valeriya K.- @2MorrowModel Milan

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