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12 Easy Steps To Get Your Summer Glow On

By Lora O’Brien

After staring longingly at the tropical screensaver on our work screens, summer finally rolls around with a huge welcome! But when it comes down to it – are you body ready? Winter means we relax a little on our waxing appointments, we skip moisturizing daily, and let our hair get a little dry (thanks, central heating!) But in summer, we want to shine like the true goddesses we are, right? We want to glow with the hue of health; we want our skin to sheen with moisture, and we want our luscious locks to catch the light like spun silk.

Keeping in mind that the sun shines rather unforgivingly on every untweezed brow and each broken blood vessel in our untanned legs, here are my 12 Easy Steps To Get Gorgeous This Summer.

1. Drop Some Weight

We’re not advocating crash diets, heck no. We fully support a healthy lifestyle all year round but sometimes the transition of going from winter into summer, well, you can feel a little sluggish and heavy. After a season of hearty, warming comfort meals you can be wanting to feel less bloated before pulling on your bikini. So why not give your body a head start with one of our favourite things: Coffee! There’s lots of wonderful ingredients in Skinny Coffee from ground green coffee, spirulina and green tea – all perfect for detoxing and dropping a bit of weight in a very healthy way, too.

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2. Get Your Tan On

Sometimes our body needs a little persuading to go from pasty and white to a gorgeous golden brown, and these tan tablets from Holland & Barrett are perfect to use in the runup to summer or ahead of a holiday. They contain all natural nutrients which contribute to normal skin pigmentation; so they’ll work to help you retain some colour from the sun. After taking them, simply go outside in the sun for a short while and you’ll gradually build up a subtle glow – faster than usual. *As always with sun exposure, it’s vital to be safe and use a sunscreen – we have the perfect option further down!

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3. Moisturise Like Mad

How can anyone survive summer without a jar of coconut oil?! Seriously, this humble jar of oil is the holy grail of beauty products. If, before now, you’ve restricted its use to your kitchen then you need to place a jar in your bathroom and thank me later. Coconut oil is a really great moisturizer that doesn’t leave a film on your skin; it absorbs easily, leaving your skin wonderfully hydrated. Possibly my favourite way to use coconut oil is as a deep conditioner for my hair; I simply melt some coconut oil on the ends of my hair and leave it for a while before washing it out. It soothes frizzy ends leaving them soft and luscious!

And the ways to use coconut oil don’t stop there. Dry hands? Soothe them with a tiny bit of coconut oil. Looking to get rid of neglected body hair? Use coconut oil as a shaving oil – just be careful afterwards as it can make the bath slippery. Want a quick and easy way to remove make-up? Coconut oil melts away mascara better than any product I’ve used before. You’re welcome.

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4. Boost Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want hair that looks like it’s fallen straight out of a shampoo advert? The way it swishes back and fourth like strands of silk . . . swoon! Winter stunts the growth of hair – our locks actually grow faster in the summer season, and you can get a head start with these chewable vitamins, which are packed full of essential vitamins that speedier hair growth. The blend of ingredients have been scientifically proven to not only give your hair a helping hand, but to also help you maintain a healthy hair growth, so a great head of hair will be here to stay. They’re also great if you’re not a fan of swallowing tablets – and to be fair, who is?!

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5. Even Out Skintone

Summer’s all about using the right products to get a natural makeup look. And these shimmers from Pacifica give just the perfect glow for eyes, lips and skin. There are three insanely gorgeous colours, so you can play around with them, and you can rest assured they won’t be drying on your skin at all, thanks to the coconut extract, vitamin E and safflower oil, all of which give off a creamy texture that’s long-lasting and nourishing.

Get yours here.

6. Protect Your Skin From Sun

Sunblock isn’t a trend; it’s a necessity. But choosing the right one can seem like a nightmare – we need one that’s easily absorbed, but that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or nano particles – who knows how they can harm our health? Luckily, Andalou has taken all of our needs into consideration and made this wonderful facial sunblock. This lightweight formula is perfect for everyday use; it absorbs into the skin so you can wear foundation over the top, and it won’t clog up your pores. Perfect!

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7. Scrape Winter Off

Scratch your arm right now. Go on. See how that white trail your nail left? It’s dry skin. And that’s exactly why you need to exfoliate your bod from face to toes with a great natural product like Westlab’s Detoxing Body Scrub, comprised mainly of pure Himalayan salt and natural oils, will scrape winter off in a jiffy.

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8. Extend Your Tan

So, we’ve finally got our sun kissed glow. Now what? We want to prevent it for as long as possible, that’s what! Once you’ve got a golden hue to your skin you won’t want to go back to being pasty straightaway, so you’ll be needing a tan extender like this one from Dr Organic. It’s made with a blend of natural and organic ingredients such as organic Argan Oil and rich sources of vitamins and antioxidants that feed your skin. It’s going to protect your tan whilst also keeping your skin glowing and hydrated, freshening up your glow, and helping it to stick around for longer.

Get yours here.

9. Stay Hydrated

Obviously, with hotter weather, you need to drink more water – we are far more prone to dehydration, and that includes our skin. In the heat, I love to have a great spritz ready to go to keep my face moisturised and cool. Store this in the fridge, then simply close your eyes, spritz onto both the face and neck area and embrace the refreshing, cooling sensation as the chamomile and rosewater work to sooth, tone and cool. Sukin’s hydrating mist is alcohol-free so it won’t dry the skin out in any way. It can also be used over and under lotions, creams, oils and even make-up. It’s also my go-to for super-drying long haul flights.

Get yours here.

10. Save Face

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to summer I tend to wear less make-up. It’s refreshing to be able to allow your skin to breathe. But if you’re still looking for a little bit of coverage without wearing lashings of foundation why not opt for this sheer tint by Andalou? It blends superfruit antioxidants, nourishing moisturizers with a natural mineral-tint to keep your skin smooth and nourished with a subtle glow that compliments most skin tones. It also has UVA protection so it’ll combat harsh sunlight whilst helping you to look great.

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11. Don’t Forget Your Mani

A neat and tidy mani/pedi is a summer essential, especially since both your toes and tips will be on display in unforgiving sunlight. Why not pick a colour that screams ‘flowers’ like this aptly named shade by 5-free brand Zoya. Ibiza actually creates a matte finish – another on trend style this summer – but you can also use a top coat if you prefer a glossier look. This polish is free from the nastiest of toxins so you can be confident that your polish not only looks great, but is great for your health, too.

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Get Gorgeous This Summer

12. Don’t Forget The Feet!

Heels are an issue in summer. They dry out, crack and tend to look hideous in sandals. Unless you use a fab cream like Burt’s Bees all natural foot cream. This baby combines coconut oil, lanolin and vegetable glycerin to neglected, dry feet, and also contains a hint of natural rosemary to refresh tired soles.

Get yours here. 

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