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Just One Condition: the Best Co Washing Shampoos

By Arwa Lodhi

We’ve already mentioned the dangers of chemically loaded shampoos here in Eluxe, but in case you missed that article, the sulphates in most commercial shampoos can cause everything from skin irritation and hair loss, and the parabens, fragrances and phthalates can bring on even more serious illnesses, from kidney problems right up to cancer!

To combat any potential health risks from shampooing, we  listed some of the best organic shampoos around, too. But now, there’s a new trend that’s super eco-friendly for so many reasons: co-washing.

Co-washing (short for conditioning washing) is an alternative way of getting your hair clean without having to use shampoo and conditioner both. It’s super-eco, not only because some brands (like the products we’ve selected here) contain no nasties, but also because you won’t need a conditioner as well, meaning you save water and plastic bottles. You can actually save even more water and energy with co-washing because it allows you to wash your hair half as frequently as usual–these babies lift out more dirt and grime than a normal shampoo.


How is that possible, you may be asking? Cleanser conditioners use natural extracts like Aloe Vera and olive oil to attract grease and impurities, and as we all know, oil attracts oil. But there are more benefits to co-washing:  your colour lasts longer which means less frequent dyeing (another eco-bonus) and your hair will look naturally shinier and healthier, as  co-washing products  condition the actual hair cuticle rather than covering it up with a load of silicones, which merely conceal the damage.

Here are three co washing shampoos we love.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

This cleanses hair completely, with no lathering or harmful ingredients that are found in normal shampoos. Wen won’t strip your hair of its natural protection and oils, and is perfect for fine and dry hair and oily scalps.



Leonor Greyl Creme Aux Fleurs

Recommended for those who think their hair is thinning (which is sometimes a result of chemical shampoos), this brand is rich in minerals, bringing nutrients to the scalp and helping hair growth.


As I Am Coconut Cowash

Originally aimed at African Americans, this light no-suds conditioning cream gently removes residue including all of the things you’ve used to style and maintain your coils and curls–no matter what your hair type.  This yummy smelling co-wash  contains a special blend of natural ingredients that work to promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level.


Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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