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Get Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eye with Bassam Fattouh

By Arwa Lodhi

Bassam Fattouh is possibly the most renowned make-up artist in one of the regions of the world where they take makeup very seriously indeed: the Middle East. The choice of famous stars, high-profile women and royalty in the Gulf, Lebanon and beyond, Fattouh thinks big, takes chances and jumps in.

In the beginning

“Being an artist means capturing beauty.”

As a young boy, Fattouh loved art, painting, design and beauty and the way they opened the door to fantasy and the imagination. He could see beauty anywhere and could capture this attractiveness. He delighted in grabbing a pen and re-doing the make-up seen on models and celebrities in magazines. He knew this was his calling and so he went to study at the prestigious Paris Carita Beauty Institute. This marked a major turning point in his life and the start of his realizing his dream. It prompted him to develop a different approach and unique philosophy. And this eye-opening experience led him to open his first institute in Beirut, Lebanon in 1997.

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A pioneer

“I go with my intuition. I never plan ahead. I do something and then see it become a success.”

Bassam Fattouh was the first make-up artist to launch a full-blown advertising campaign in the Middle East. It was the talk of the town, and this move attracted people’s interest, but it was ultimately his talent and philosophy that established his solid reputation. He was the first to say a big YES to daring colours, going against the classical shades that dominated back in the day. And he created iconic looks that stood out. He risked being different and this ignited his success.

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Taking the brand a step further

“I created my make-up brand with the desire to establish an authentic, ‘must have’ line for women.”

Inspired by the requests of fans and his many celebrity clients, Bassam Fattouh launched his signature cosmetics range in 2010. Over the years he used many different brands and experimented with countless textures. He used this experience as the foundation for his own line. Building on his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, he meticulously developed his ever growing range. Bassam’s latest collection has an innovative twist and packaging that features illustrations by the internationally acclaimed Liselotte Watkins.

His most famous looks

Fattouh has long been credited being the ‘King of the Smoky Eye’, a look sported by the likes of Kim Kardashian and myriad other celebrities.

Here, he takes you step-by-step on how to get the look–just follow the instructions below, and look at the corresponding image for guidance.


Kim Kardashian at Westfield’s opening, Sydney Image: Wikicommons

10 Steps to  Kim Kardashian’s Smokey Eye


Using an  Eyeliner Pencil in Black, trace your upper lash line generously.

Using a  Blender Brush, begin smudging directly over the penciled area and blend.

Apply a Black Eye shadow with a BF 22 Banana Brush to the entire area of your eye right above the crease (not the eyelid) in a half-moon motion. He recommends  BFC in Carbon.

Blend the Carbon Black Eye shadow, and keep blending so that it spreads towards the area right above the crease and outer edge of your eye, until you cover the entire area right below the brow bone. Blend some more still, until the colour spreads evenly.

To add more nuance to your look, blend some Silver Eye Shadow all over your eyelid from lash line to the crease.

Using an  Eyeliner Pencil in Black trace a thin line on your lower eyelid.

Blend and shade the eyeliner on your lower lid.

Use a liquid eyeliner to trace the natural shape of your eye all the way from the inner corner of your eye outwards and finish it off with a thick swipe that points in the direction towards end of your eyebrow.

Brush, fill-in and shape your eyebrows with an Eyebrow Pencil.

Apply mascara gently to your lashes. Start from the bottom root and work your way up to the top.

For more tips on luscious lashes, watch Bassam’s video, below:

All images but Kim Kardashian: Bassam Fattouh

Main image:  David Shankbone – Wikicommons


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