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A Story of Sisters, Soap, and Sustainability

By Chere Di Boscio

Remember when you did crazy experiments as a child? A bit of Windex here, a dash of perfume there, a touch of bleach, and voila–the world’s best smelling cleaner! Or so you thought.

Three sisters from Lebanon, Rima, Zeina and Zahira, had the fortune of being raised by a father who used more natural ingredients to create organic soaps. He was an expert in extracting orange blossom water, rosewater, and making soap from olive oil, revered by dermatologists for its natural moisturising and nourishing qualities, and from him, the girls learned how to blend natural ingredients to create naturally effective cosmetics.

“We were very blessed to grow up in a natural soap-making business,” recalls Zeina in an interview with the New Daily Star in Lebanon.  “(Our father) would come home every day and share with us a new experiment – (his) new findings about fragrances and new botanicals used in soap-making.

During weekends and vacations, the Nazer sisters spent their time helping with their family’s business, Saboun Nazer, picking up a knowledge and appreciation of how organic ingredients work together, but never imagining that they would one day join forces to start a beauty business of their own.

In fact, the girls studied for and worked in completely different careers- Rima in media, Zahira in architecture and Zeina in engineering, but about three years ago, they combined forces to start their own beauty brand, Jardins D’Eden.

Initially sold in health shops, the products’ luxurious qualities soon catapulted them into London’s legendary department store, Harrods, as well as prestigious spas around the city, and global demand increased so quickly, they decided to sell on line as well.

While they launched the company based on their father’s recipe for traditional olive oil soap, Jardins D’Eden has since expanded their product range, including scrubs, facial oils, cleansers and creams that incorporate all organic ingredients such as Manuka honey and oatmeal, tea tree and eucalyptus, cinnamon and orange, grapefruit and juniper berry, rose and geranium, and lavender and ylang ylang. They also produce an all-natural range of delicious smelling candles based on these ingredients.

Living in London today, the girls are fully aware of the stresses of city life: the noise, the rush, the pollution. They hope their products can help customers reduce that stress. As they state on their website,  Jardins D’Eden is more than merely products; it’s a way of life:  “Our absolute commitment to working in harmony with nature is reflected across all areas of our business. We do not use any synthetic chemicals, preservatives or fragrances in our processes. We encourage the use of our aromatherapy creations as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, lots of positive energy, and time out to unwind and meditate.”

It’s a way of life all city dwellers could certainly benefit from adopting.

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