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Tried and Tested: Ambuja Skincare

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By Chere Di Boscio

While some women are happy to use the most basic of products like clay and honey to tone their skin, others  believe that in order for skincare to be effective and deliver results it needs to either be pharmaceutical or organic and in both cases, it should be clinically tested.

Luckily then, Ambuja pleases both types of women. Meaning ‘Evolution’ in Sanskrit, Ambuja is formulated with only top level organic and bioactive ingredients and the purest of spring water sourced from the  Kitzbuehel Alps. The brand uses molecular biochemistry as its scientific basis for delivering results to skin, and adds no harmful chemicals whatsoever to its range.


The Trial

Given that Ambuja aims to heal, the skincare line is greta for those with issues to solve. Personally, my issues are dryness and a tendency towards redness, so the Atelier Elixir, focused on improving skin tone and elasticity for those with very small fine lines, was the first one I tried. The scent was pleasantly reminiscent of cocoa, but it went on oddly dry and left a slightly powdery finish on my skin, making it feel what some may say is toned, but for me it felt a bit tight. When used regularly, Ambuja claims this is one of their very best age-defence serums, so I shall continue using this for its multipeptide complex, which protects skin from free radicals and pollution.


I had better luck with the next product. Thanks to going out more in the mild weather this summer, I’ve noticed an increase in tiny brown spots on my cheeks–no doubt the result of sun damage–so I gave the Charisma Capsule Elixir a try. Containing Indian gooseberry, known to reduce hyperpigmentation, this ‘radiance enhancing’ product also protects the skin from oxidative stress. I only had enough of this to last a week, and honestly haven’t any reduction in brown spots yet, but surely you’d need to apply it regularly to allow the product to work. Anything that keeps me from having to use lasers one day is worth it!


The Couture Capsule Cream was designed to reduce another problem that many women experience after the age of 25 or 30: dryness and redness. Because it is so hydrating, it’s one I’ll be relying on for winter. It is immediately absorbed; smells a bit like rice pudding, and keeps more moisture in the skin than does the Atelier cream, in my opinion. It contains bioactive buckwheat to reduce puffiness, so it’s perfect for the day after a big night out, but  for those that suffer dark circles and puffiness, Ambuja has created the Overnight cream.

This formula claims to repair and nourish the skin whilst improving firmness and tone, as well as reducing fine lines. The  Overnight Eye Cream is formulated with 100% bioactive ingredients including pomegranate, lotus cell water, and green coconut water to accelerate healthy skin growth. The addition of buckwheat promotes circulation, while algae is included to minimise dark circles.  I personally don’t have this skin issue, but for those who do, Ambuja gives you several options, including the Empire Overnight Eye Cream.


The Empire Wanderlust Elixir sounded perfect for me. It was, apparently, formulated for ‘jet-setting frequent travellers and those needing a little lift’, which describes me on both counts.  This age-defying serum has a creamy texture, and exploits bioactive ingredients to help soothe, hydrate and plump up skin. I took this on a plane, applying regularly, and I swear I did look fresher upon landing, even after such short-term use. Dewdrop Elixir is also recommended for frequent flyers. This is Ambuja’s key moisture infusion and resilience booster, giving a more pleasant and comfortable sensation for thirsty, taut and sensible skin conditions.

There are many more products in the Ambuja Skincare range; too many for one reviewer to try and test! But if you’d like to see for yourself how well these products work, click here to win one of ten starter kits worth $60-and don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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