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Get the Look: Alexa Chung Makeup Tips

By Sophia Hussain

MEOW!  It’s all about the fabulous feline flicks for Brit IT girl Alexa Chung.  This award winning presenter, model, writer, and beauty expert is a style icon in both fashion and beauty – so much so, she was asked to collaborate with Eyeko London to create a cosmetic range to help fans get her signature cat-eye look.

The self-declared “eyeliner fanatic” not only accentuates her lovely grey eyes; she manages to seem to have constantly glowing skin, too–she claims she’s only ever had one tan in her life, preferring to guard her skin daily with factor 50 sunblock. Eluxe has covered some of the very best organic brands here. Take note!

Create your own 60’s-inspired cat-eye look with  six simple steps,  using only chem-free cosmetics, of course. Now ladies, let us begin this important Masterclass!


Create the canvas: Before you start doing anything, make sure skin is clean, and if you need a light moisturiser, apply one and allow a few minutes to let it sink in. Take a large vegan Kabuki brush and sweep a liquid base gently around any red or blotchy patches on your skin. We’d recommend AEOS  Ivory Organic Liquid Foundation for Alexa‘s skin tone.

If you have dark circles under your eyes or red patches beside your nose, use an organic concealer like those by AEOS in a shade lighter than your base to hide these, and blend in. We also love the AEOS Illuminator stick to highlight cheekbones and temples–just smudge on and blend in!

Step 1: Curl

First, prep the lashes with beautiful curls, using this cute Lash Curler by Eyeko, Alexa’s favourite brand for eye makeup.  This brilliant tool has an ergonomic wide easy grip velvet handles which is perfect for novices to use.  According to Eyeko, “using a mirror, position the curler close to the lash root, squeeze gently then release and carefully remove curler from eyes.” Also, curling the lashes first opens the eye, and prevents dreadful eyeliner smudges later.


Step 2: Liner

The key to creating Alexa’s perfect feline flicks is best achieved with a sleek black felt-tip pen liquid liner.  Using either Josie Maran Argan Magic Marker Liquid Eyeliner, or Tromborg Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Pen, tilt your head back slightly until you are looking downwards into a mirror. Starting from the upper outer eye corner, gently glide the liner nib, tracing along the upper lashline which becomes wider towards the outer corner, ending off with a light curved flick upwards to create the perfect cat-eye flick. Thicken the line from the outer corner inward if you’d like a more dramatic look.

Alexa normally just lines her upper lid a la 1950s flick, no need to work any eyeliner on the bottom eye.



Step 3: Lashes

Black mascara of course!  Using either Volume Mascara by Dr. Hauschka, or Super Long Lashes by Benecos, apply the mascara to the upper lashes first especially focusing on the roots to add more depth, then swipe a lighter application to the lower lashes.  If your lashes are long and your mascara tends to smear, you may want to try a waterproof formula, especially for the lower lashes.


Step 4: Brows

Alexa seems to have great brows naturally, but she says she likes them even fuller. Zuii Organic Cosmetics  makes a fab eyebrow definer pencil that allows you to fill in fine ‘hairs’ with the pointy pencil, and  which is also based on a wax-heavy formula, meaning your eyebrows stay in place. The taupe shade is perfect for brunettes like Alexa. Make sure you focus on the first third part of the brow and add some volume at the top, never the bottom of the brow, to ensure a lifted look to the eye.



Step 5: Lips

The perfect balance for a strong eye is natural nude lips. Apply onto smooth clean lips using either In My Room by ILIA, a universally flattering muted pink hue in a cream to semi-matte finish, or Flirt by Lisa Noto, a nude peach hue in a moisturising matte finish.

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Step 6: Cheeks

Alexa “hates powders” and much prefers a creamy pink blusher. So why not get her look by using AEOS’s cream-to-powder blusher? Dab a few dots over the highest part of your cheekbones then blend in over the entire bone for a healthy glow.

Now you’ve got the look!

Alexa Chung Photo Credits:  Eyeko London

Watch Lisa Eldridge do Alexa’s makeup here!


Sophia Hussain

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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