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African Beauty Secrets: Savane Review

By Chere Di Boscio

For thousands of years, African women have been benefiting from their natural environment by using the plants and fruits surrounding them to enhance their beauty and protect their skin.

Amongst those plants is Rooibos, which is known for its anti-oxidising qualities; Kigelia, which firms and tightens skin; Baobab extract, which is packed with Vitamins A, B and C and has strong anti-ageing qualities; Yangu oil, which provides natural UV protection, and many more.

Fascinated by the promising beauty and skin healing qualities of African plants, the founders of the brand experimented until they came up with a skincare range that not only delivers demonstrable beauty benefits but is kind to the planet, too.

All products are Certified Organic and vegan friendly, and to ensure the carbon footprint of Savane is as low as possible, packaging was reduced to a bare minimum: no useless boxes enclose the lightweight aluminium bottles that hold the products, and instructions and ingredients are clearly listed on each bottle for easy use. I believe the packaging is also deliberately unisex–its neutral design doesn’t seem to target either gender specifically.

Eager to learn the secrets of African beauty, I tried and tested 5 Savane products.


1.  Savane Soothing Cleanser

I assumed the high concentration of Rooibos was responsible for the brown tinge to this lightly foaming gel–I could smell its freshness. Aloe, Moringa and Mandarin peel oil are a few of the other all -natural ingredients. Although it foams, make no mistake–this product is in no way soapy, but leaves skin hydrated,  rinses off  well, and removes makeup perfectly.  A very gentle cleanser, I’d say this is good for all skin types.

2.  Savane Purifying Toner

Rooibos, rose geranium and frankincense ingredients make me wish this also came in a perfume form! I love the smell so much, I actually used the spray pump sometimes just to squirt a bit of the toner so I could inhale its scent. After using the cleanser, this product further refreshed my skin, leaving it dewy afterwards. Both this and the cleanser lasted for two months for me, which is quite good–a little goes a long way.

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3.  Savane Balancing Face Oil

Packaged with a convenient pump, this product is truly a showcase for the exotic ingredients that make Savane stand out: Marula oil, Manketti seed oil, and Kalahari melon seed oil are the key components here.  This herbal-scented oil goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly and even works on ‘oily’ skin. I found that even my super-dry skin didn’t need the moisturiser afterwards; I used one or the other after toning.

4.  Savane Protective Moisturiser

The texture of this emulsion is  perfect –  it absorbs beautifully, is packed with antioxidants, smells delicious, and leaves me with a moist glow. I’m actually a bit addicted to this product–it only lasted me a few weeks because I kept rubbing it into my hands not only to make them smoother and silkier, but so I could smell the scent.


5. Savane Nourishing Eye Cream

Apparently a new product, this is a bit richer than the moisturiser, and contains Xmenia and Kigelia for firming and tightening the skin around the eyes. Unlike the other products which either have an almost medicinal, herbal scent or a heady garden perfume, this product has almost no scent at all.

I think this was my favourite. Completely gentle, I am also certain it did in fact firm up my eye area (which tends to get bags when I wake up), so I’ve been using it every day for a month, and I will soon need to buy more. Apart from Africa, the Johannesburg based brand is also available widely throughout the USA,  and will hopefully be available globally online soon too.

Overall, this is a highly versatile brand that works for all skin types. I fully appreciated the minimalist and lightweight packaging, and am actually disappointed that more brands don’t follow Savane’s lead. There’s virtually no one I can think of who wouldn’t benefit from using the range, so click the following link if you’d like to try out their  Sample Kit, or click here for more information. You’ll be glad you did!


Images: Savane and Beauty Press

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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