15 Natural Lipstick Colors For That ‘In Between’ Season

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

As any lipstick lover knows, it’s super easy to pick natural lipstick colors for summer – corals, pinks and if you’re a bit tan, nudes. Done. Winter’s the same – our skin is lighter and lipstick goes darker; wine and berry hues rule.

But what about those in-between months, when some days are sunny and hot, and others seem shorter and darker, with a nip in the air? Our tans are fading and the winter clothes are still in the wardrobe – most of the time. It’s the perfect time for ‘in between’ shades – think strawberry reds, spicy neutrals or rosy pinks. And we’ve found some perfect, all natural lipsticks with just those hues! Check out our picks of the ‘in-betweeners’ – none of which were EVER tested on animals, by the way – below.

1. Erin’s Faces Red  

This best selling, cruelty-free PETA Certified label offers lipsticks that are full coverage colour and pamper your lips with coconut, caster seed oils and shea butter. You can pick from a load of vibrant shades like Melon, the hot pink fuchsia Flamingo, but of course their Best Seller and the perfect in-betweener –  is simply… Red!

vegan lipstick colors

2. Bite Beauty Cayenne

Bite Beauty boasts a new formula that gives volume to your smile through a satiny, semi-glaze finish, and a luxe sheen that makes all their shades really pop! The one to pick right now is Cayenne, a lively, light red that’s highly nourishing and highly pigmented, too.


3. Lavera Matt’n’Red

Lavera’s Color Intense collection is creamy, luscious and available in a range of gorgeous shades. Since we end up ingesting whatever we put on our lips, do not fret that if you swallow this lipstick’s tincture you’ll be safe. The entire line is free of synthetic chemicals and heavy metals, and hydrating with its soothing oils. Recommended colour? Try the nearly autumnal Matt’n’Red – you can imagine the texture from the name.

4. Axiology Elusive

Axiology is a passion-project led by founder Ericka, who channeled her commitment to fruitarianism into a vegan lipstick line. Her attention to sustainability has also ensured that the packaging of Axiology match the integrity of the company’s mission, that supports organisations such as Orangutan Foundation International, PETA, and other humane societies. Elusive is the colour of the season, with its copper burnt-sugar base and an echo of rose quartz.


5. Dr Hauschka Coral

Dr Hauschka celebrates exactly fifty years since it first introduced the concept of natural beauty products in 1967 –  none of which were ever animal tested. Ever since, millions of people have relied on the brand’s health and beauty for their skin. Now a new make-up collection features a range of lipsticks that contain carefully balanced compositions of nurturing plant extracts, oils, and mineral pigments. It comes in versatile shades from nature that highlight your natural lip tone. Coral suits all skin tones for this transitional season.

6. Green People Candyfloss

The UK’s most loved organic brand has always been an advocate of cruelty-free standards and eco-certified products; even the packaging is minimal. This elegant Candyfloss lipstick, made from natural earth minerals, is enriched with soothing vitamin E to keep lips nourished.


7. 100% Pure Raspberry

Founded in a Napa farmhouse in 2005, 100% Pure is a natural cosmetics beauty firm focused on providing healthy skin care and cosmetic products. Co-founder Susie Wang has come up with a beautiful line of lip glazes that aren’t the conventional lipstick: they are creamy and incredibly nourishing with a wonderful variety of colours. Raspberry is the most faddish amongst all fruit pigmented lip glazes – and of course it’s not jus 100% Pure, it’s 100% cruelty free.

8. Benecos Catwalk

For a long time, natural cosmetics were known for pale colours,  eco looks, limited product choices and high prices. Benecos provides an alternative to this trend with its Catwalk lipstick that comes in a dark rouge colour to give a bold and statement look. Olive and avocado oil will keep your lips feeling soft and supple throughout the day as your smile will be contoured by Catwalk – a sophisticated dark shade.


9. Aria Pure Hyant Beauty Pomegranate

The pomegranate rosy coral rouge a levre is vegan and free of all artificial ingredients, through a formula that blends organic castor seed oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil. All Aria Pure Lipsticks feature a patented 100% GMO-free plant based complex, that boosts water absorption and hydration levels in your lips. Directly apply Pomegranate lipstick from the tube and you’ll see how it flatters all skin tones.

10. Au Naturale in Innocence  

Innocence is a lavender pink nude that looks great on anyone. It comes from the Eternity range, which means it offers long lasting coverage from coffee to cocktails. Formulated without animal ingredients, synthetic preservatives, nanoparticles, gluten, parabens or any other toxins, this vegan lippy will carry you from summer to fall seamlessly.

11. Lippy Girl in Schmoopy

This  matte dusky pink shade is one of the most popular shades in the Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick range.   All Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipsticks are made using organic and wildcrafted, natural oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments. Certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carnauba Wax and Shea Butter provide the smoothest, creamiest finish and natural minerals the super pigmentation characteristic of Lippy Girl Lipsticks.   They’re highly moisturising, long lasting and will not bleed!  They also benefit from being 100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free, too.

12. Juice Beauty Rose

This creamy lip colour is saturated with plant based ingredients like shea butter and jojoba to bring colour, shine and health to your lips, making them ultra-kissable! Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite makeup range offers a lipstick in the shade of a drink beloved by many of us: rose wine!


13. Pacifica Mystic

Pacifica’s Mystic goes on a bit pinky-brown – in other words, it’s a creamy version of the natural lip shade many of us have. It’s so hydrating, it’s almost like a lip balm.  Formulated without any animal ingredients like carmine, beeswax or lanolin, all Pacifica products are also never tested on animals.

14. Ilia Madam Mina

Madam Mina is the lipstick by Ilia that suits everyone, anytime! This rosy nude is packed with certified organic bio-active ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate the lips. The brand’s  ethical-sustainable approach is seen in the quality of the product as well as in its packaging.


15. Lotus Pure Organics Classic Red

Lotus Bio-Mineral  is a natural  cosmetics line designed to provide pure, natural and healthy beauty products. Their collection of nourishing lipsticks come in an exquisite colour range with a gorgeous satin finish. This formula contains shea butter to keep your lips looking plump and hydrated all day long. Their Classic Red should be a wardrobe staple for any time of the year!


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