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12 Top Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

By Chere Di Boscio

“Really into green these days,” wrote Kendall Jenner casually on Instagram recently, accompanied by a flick of lime-hued eyeliner and jade statement earrings. And just like that, a trend was born.

It seems Instagram and Pinterest are the ripest hunting grounds for trend hunters – here you can see bubblegum-pink hair, such as that as seen on Japanese pop stars Amiaya, for the first time, or check out baby bangs, which Emma Watson seems to have been rocking since forever, but which are now trending on loads of stars, for example. You can find out what colour block eyeshadow is all about, and how to do it, or see what’s in – and out – in terms of eyebrow makeup.

But to save you the time and trouble of scouring social media sites, here, I’ve compiled what I predict will be the 12 top natural beauty trends for 2019.

1. Sub zero waste

We’ve written before about how zero-waste beauty products are great, but they’re just not enough. We not only want recyclable or very little packaging, we want brands to positively contribute to the planet every time we buy them. And that’s what sub-zero waste products are all about – they plant trees or flowers with every purchase, or clean up ocean plastic to make their (recyclable) bottles, for example.

Brands to try: Aveda, LUSH

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

2. Embracing grey

A few years ago, the grunge hair revival was all about dyeing your hair a kind of violetish grey. But the newest beauty trend is more natural – if you’re going grey, let it be! Embrace it – even if it means a few strands here, a few strands there. Once considered ‘unkempt’ it’s now the height of cool. The stats on Pinterest back it up: Searches for “going grey” are up 879 percent. Meaning that maybe we’ll see even more hair care catering those of us in our twenties, thirties, and forties with grays.


Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

3. Technological beauty boosts

If you’re looking to get rid of redness, wrinkles or acne, sometimes, a cream is not enough! But luckily, technology is here to help your collagen boost itself naturally. Whether its an LED light machine, radiofrequency or mini-laser, home devices are getting more powerful and easier to use. And they really do make a huge difference in the quality of your skin….IF you use them regularly.

Brands to try: Dermasmoothie LED Facial Mask, Toumaku radiofrequency

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

4. Green eyes

As mentioned above, once Kendall Jenner says she’s all about the green eye shadow…suddenly the whole world is all about the green eye shadow! Whether it’s matte or metallic doesn’t matter – it’s all about the bold, verdant colour.

Brands to try: BareMinerals, Lavera 

Image: Instagram / @kendalljenner

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

5. Colour block eye shadow

It used to be the law that eye shadow should be darker on the outside of the lid, and lighter as you go inside. But colour-blocking has changed all that. Whether it’s a desire to leave behind the ubiquitous cat-eye look, an homage to Mondrian, or just for pure fun, we’re loving this block effect. All you need is a bold, metallic or matte hue (preferably cream or liquid) and a steady hand.

Brands to try: Inika, Kjaer Weis

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

6. 3D lips

We fully blame another Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner, for this beauty trend that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Sure, you can get 3D lips with Juvederm or other fillers (as she did), but if you don’t want to commit to something quite so permanent, you can achieve a fuller look either with temporary cosmetic tattooing (which lasts 2-3 years, and uses a subtle pigment that mimics your natural lip shade to redefine your lip line and make your lips look ‘made up’ all the time), or via makeup.

For a plumper 3D look, you’ll need to outline the outer quarter of your lip line with your favourite shade of lip pencil, and fill in the remaining 3/4 of your lips with one or two shades lighter. Blend well, then add a dot of gloss in the middle for a truly ‘3D’ effect.

Brands to try: 100% Pure gloss, Simply Pink chubby liner

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

7. Brown based lippies

Once a staple in the 1990’s thanks to MAC’s then ubiquitous ‘Spice’ shade, now brownish lips are back! It’s a look that suits most skin tones, and looks more hip and urban than pink or red. Loads of natural beauty brands are going brown! See below for some of the best shades.

Brands to try: Axiology in Bad (below), RMS Beauty Brainteaser B2 (below) 

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

8. Brooke Shields brows

Way back in the 80’s THE eyebrow model was Brooke Shields. Hers were full, luscious and natural. They screamed ‘youth’ and ‘fertility’ and ‘beauty’. Today, we’re over the way-over groomed, made-up and even tattooed brows of Instagram ‘models’, and a return to hairier, more natural brows is imminent.

Image: Vogue archives

9. 2 -in 1 Products

Maybe it’s all about reducing waste, maybe it’s about saving money, or maybe it’s about a minimalist lifestyle. In any case, it seems beauty consumers are asking more from their products – they want shampoos to be conditioners; lipsticks to be blushers, and skin creams to work on more than just the face or body. In short, if we’re buying a product, it needs to do double duty!

Brands to try: Tabitha James Kraan 4-in-1 conditioners, Juice Beauty 2-in-1 cleanser

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

10. Baby bangs

These are basically bangs cut well above the eyebrows – a great look to sport if your eyebrows are on fleek! They’re certainly not for everyone, but as you can see from these photos of cropped bangs, when some go short, the payoff can be big – and that’s true whether your hair is straight or curly. Not sure whether you’re ready for this look? No worries – experiment first with clip in bangs or a wig.

Image: Instagram @alannaarrington

11. Lash perms

Last year, eyelash extensions were a huge thing. But let’s face it – they’re a bit of a pain in the butt! They tend to get smushed when you sleep and fall out at the most inconvenient times. So this year, it’s all about the lash perms. Also called a ‘lash lift’, it means “perming” your lashes so they stay curled, which needs to be done carefully by a pro. Women who are more into a natural (as opposed to chemical) lift are investigating at-home solutions like castor oil to give their lashes a more holistic boost.

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

12. Vegan AND natural

Maybe it’s because vegan isn’t just enough for today’s eco-conscious millennials, but now it seems beauty products have to be not only vegan and cruelty-free, but all-natural, too. And preferably housed in sub-zero waste packaging, too, thanks very much.

Brands to try: RMS beauty, W3LL People, Lily Lilo

Natural Beauty Trends for 2019

Main image: Instagram @BellaHadid

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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