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Angela Wallace of Sasstainable

Angela Wallace is the founder and editor of, an expert voice on emerging ethical luxury. In 2013, she completed her MSc in Environmental Management at the University of London, at the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy. Her passion for the…

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5 Women Who Changed the World of Fashion

By Angela Wallace “It is not only that fashion can change the world, but it absolutely must, considering what happened in Bangladesh just two days ago. It is one disaster too many for us to ignore, and this is…

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3 Sustainable Canadian Fashion Designers

By Angela Wallace While Canada is well known for its natural beauty, it’s an unfortunate fact that its environmental record has gone from bad to worse, what with all their logging, mining and tar sand exploitation. This lack of…

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Berlin Fashion Week’s Green Showroom

By Angela Wallace Berlin welcomed the world to explore fashion over three hot and humid days last week. On July 3, I was grateful to hop into an air-conditioned Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shuttle to be whisked from the…

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Beyonce, Madonna, Salma et al Chime for Change

By Angela Wallace On June 1, at Twickenham stadium in London, thousands of fans joined Beyoncé and an all-star line up of performers including Jlo, Florence + the Machine, John Legend and Rita Ora, and speakers including Madonna, Prince…