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18 Of The Best Sustainable Fashion Stores Online

By Diane Small

You know eco-fashion is certainly becoming a ‘thing’ when big retailers like Net-a-Porter start carrying some eco-friendly beauty and fashion ranges. But what most conscious consumers don’t know is that there are entire websites dedicated to selling nothing but sustainable fashion and beauty – and the best part? Most of them are run by women. Surprise, surprise, right?

Here’s our pick of some of the Best Eco Friendly Shopping Sites Online around the globe for both apparel and personal grooming products. The great news is that all of these shops delivery pretty much anywhere, so you can shop from wherever you are in the world – just click on the titles to go to the stores.

1. Gather and See

Based: UK

Vibe: Boho chic for urban, worldly girls

Brands: A very healthy and ever-changing variety including Feral Childe, Kowtow, LaLesso and more, plus some unusual ones like Nobody Jeans, Veryan and Anne Gorke.

Best for: Those wanting an upscale wardrobe with a clean conscience.

Ethics: Includes zero waste, organic, ethical, and recycled. Hand-crafted and locally made are a bit of a stretch of the definition of ‘eco-friendly’ for us, but those products are far outshone by the super-green majority.
Picture-11 kowtowwinter14_32-1

2. Reve en Vert

Based: UK

Vibe: Upscale urban cool boutique with a slight leaning towards Scandi-chic. For women only.

Brands: Hare + Hart, the Sway, Pamela Love, Svilu, Christopher Raeburn, Bamford and more, as well as eco-beauty, too!

Best for: Buying investment pieces, like jackets and jumpers to last a lifetime

Ethics: Heavily into organic cottons and sustainable materials like silk and organic cotton, but fur and leather are included so long as it can be considered ‘organic’ or recycled. A pale shade of green, high on sleek style and slow fashion.

REVE-SS14-lookbook-11 REVE-SS14-lookbook-10

3. Modavanti

Based: USA

Vibe: Net-a-Porter for the eco-conscious

Brands: Loads! There’s clearly a lot of money backing this site, and that translates into varied stock. There are literally dozens of designers, most of them quite big and mainstream, like People Tree, Edun and Amor Vert, but lots we’d never heard of before, too. There is beauty as well as fashion on offer, but it’s ladies only here.

Ethics: The site is divided up into different kinds of sustainability–vintage, organic, ethical, vegan, etc. We love that they only carry vegan leathers that are eco-friendly, but aren’t really sure that ‘made in America’ qualifies as sustainable.

Best for: Finding something no one else has. The variety on offer here is really staggering!

popinjay-6-537x402 hipsters-for-sisters-materials-sustainability-180-2

4. ASOS Green Room

Based: UK

Brands: A wide variety

Vibe: British festival-going youth

Ethics: Not very clear–vintage is included here, but that also seems to mean ‘preloved’. Which is fine…it’s just that it seems you must go on faith that the items are ethical–there isn’t much background provided on why each item is included. Some brands simply seem to be there because they are ‘handmade with love’ or give something back to charity. Barely ‘green’, if you ask us.

Best for: There’s a huge variety of brands here – but whether you’re looking for clothing that’s made with a lower environmental impact or beauty that’s natural and organic, you’ll find it.

ASOS Green Room


5. Amour Vert

Based: USA

Brands: BeGood

Vibe: Classics for all ages

Ethics: Tees, shorts, jeans, tops and undies made from 100% pure organic cotton and natural dyes. BeGood has partnered with Evidence Action, a non-profit that distributes purifying chlorine at stations across Kenya and Uganda through its Dispensers for Safe Water program. For every sale they make, BeGood will make twelve gallons of water safe to drink in rural Africa. So green, it’s practically blue!

Best for: What they call “The French Closet”–that is, basic staples that last forever.

TieDye2 img-1 img

6. Master and Muse by Yoox

Based: Global

Brands: A Peace Treaty, Daniel Silverstein, Pachacuti, Goodone, The North Circular, Joanna Cave and more

Vibe: Chic eco-items curated by a supermodel (Amber Valetta)

Ethics: Very green! Ranging from organic to zero waste, everything in this collection has been screened for its eco-credentials by Valetta herself. Bonus: Yoox also has an awesome designer vintage section!

Best for: Feeling like you’ve been dressed by a professional, ethical stylist

02_MM_imgroll 05_MM_imgroll

7. Lux & Eco

Based: USA

Brands: Make Wilde, Sundari, Sprayology, Rahua and many, many more

Vibe: High end luxury for the well-heeled, discerning shopper who is as demanding in terms of quality as they are in terms of sustainability

Ethics: All items are carefully screened for ethics and eco-friendliness. Jewellery, for example, is often from recycled precious metals or woods, and clothing is from natural fibres like alpaca, cashmere and silk

Best for: Everything from stunning, ethically sourced jewellery to organic pet food; from comfy, organic cotton upholstered armchairs to vegan leather bags. An online, eco-luxury department store, basically.

8. Bamford 

Based: UK

Brands: Just this one

Vibe: British-upper-crust goes conscious

Ethics: Luxurious fashion, skincare and goods for men, women, children and the home – always made from the very finest natural materials in ethical conditions

Best for: Butter soft alpaca sweaters, natural toys, deliciously indulgent organic candles, gifts people will cherish for years

9. People Tree

Based: UK

Brands: People Tree, with collaborations by the likes of Peter Jensen, Emma Watson and Orla Kiely.

Vibe: Laid back casual with a British twist

Ethics: One of the most established names in eco-fashion, they are big on both FairTrade and sustainable production practices.

Best for: Stocking up on basics and everyday wear
peopletree3 People-Tree-harry-potter-19148190-751-478 Emma-Watson-HQ-2011-People-Tree-Shoot-emma-watson-19633254-1920-1200

10. Gudrun Sjoden

Based: United States

Brands: Just this one – but you’ll find everything from hats and gloves to twin sets and tunics

Vibe: Swedish design with a green soul

Ethics: Natural materials like alpaca, organic cotton and hemp are used, and of course all goods are ethically and transparently manufactured

Best for: Brightly hued clothing and home textiles, ceramics and accessories for Earth Mamas of all ages.

11. Ethica

Based: USA

Brands: Angela Roi, Daniel Silverstein, Ace & Jig, Beautiful Soul London, A Peace Treaty and many, many more. There’s clearly a lot of money backing this brand.

Vibe: Gossip Girl Goes Green

Ethics: Pale green. They include ‘Made in America’ and ‘handcrafted’ as being sustainable, though those pieces may well be made of, say, fur or conventionally mined gold.

Best for: Stunning fashion for those with deep pockets and a flexible definition of ‘eco-friendly’.



12. The Reformation

Based: USA

Brands: Just the in-house one, but it takes fabric to upcycle from myriad, mysteriously unnamed brands

Vibe: Boho girl cool, loved by the A-list, including Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie and Reece Witherspoon

Ethics: The Reformation only uses dead stock materials from other brands, upcycling waste from the fashion industry

Best for: 70s style maxi dresses, tops and jumpsuits to die for. We pray they revive the Daffodil dress.
REF_4 The-Reformation-Clothing

13. TIFF

Based: UK

Vibe: Mid-range fashion, jewellery, homeware and beauty goods for men, women, children and even pets!

Brands: Mayamiko Designs, 15:21, Gunas, Elephant Branded, Calum Macdiarmid for Eco Boutique, and many, many more

Best for: Your everyday family needs, yoga gear.

Ethics: Very into Fair Trade and social justice. Most brands are organic or highly eco-friendly, using mainly hemp, cork, organic cotton and other all natural materials. A very deep green indeed.
Arges-T-Shirt Screen-shot-2014-03-25-at-00.36.07

14. Fashion Compassion

Based: UK

Vibe: Just accessories: jewellery, bags, scarves, and more

Brands: Abury, Maiya Rhiannon, Sewlomax, Palestyle, Lush

Ethics: Big on social justice, but not that strict about eco-criteria. Leather is welcome, for example, and there are some plasticky eco-leathers

Best for: Accessories with an an ethnic, worldly twist. Having a snoop around; you never know what you may find here…


15. A Boy Named Sue

Based: Hong Kong

Brands: The Sway, ThisISPaper, Royal Blush, Svilu, Flea Bags, Partimi and more

Vibe: Exotic, ethical clothing for modern, upscale sophisticates

Ethics: Dark green. The shop prefers brands that carry several ethical qualities: organic, handmade and Fair Trade all under one label, for example.

Best for: Cutting edge chic.
9907616045_57ab220508_z hien le fw 1314 womenswear

16. Fjordlife

Based: Canada

Brands: Veja, Herbivore and more

Ethics: Brands with focus on veganism, sustainable sourcing and great design. Also features many luxury organic beauty products, jewellery and gifts.

Vibe: Women who believe when it comes to product ingredients and wardrobe frills, less is more.

Best for: Great organic oils

Silver_1_1024x1024 Screen_Shot_2015-12-21_at_12.15.31_PM_1024x1024

17. AIRR Boutique

Based: UK

Brands: Emu, Maison Scotch, Braintree, Beaumont Organic and more

Vibe: Definitely a bit British – think lots of cardigans and jumpers and jeans

Ethics: AIRR supports brands that create fashion and beauty products made by FairTrade artisans and which use organic farming methods – no toxic chemicals, pesticides and use of GMO seeds is supported. Encouraging artisan craft skills that may otherwise be lost is also a priority

Best for: Mid range casual clothing that’s great for weekends

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