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Eluxe Animal Aid: Save The Snub Nosed Monkey

By Diane Small

Look at this little guy! He looks a bit sad, and no wonder–many people in his native habitat think he tastes delicious.

In South East Asia, the snub nosed monkey has been hunted for food for centuries. This, combined with habitat destruction due to increased economic and human development in the region, is resulting in the near-extinction of the species.

With probably fewer than 300 of these animals left alive, it is now a race against time to save this species from becoming extinct, as experts say that this could happen within just 18 years

While one country where this cutie lives, Myanmar, has taken some small steps to conserve the species, scientists are calling for more action from bordering China to help protect not only the snub nosed monkey, but the area’s rich biodiversity in general.

According to an article in Science Daily news, “This monkey group was actually found in an area designated as a nature reserve 30 years ago and while local people have been hunting the species for ages, local managers knew nothing about it. This highlights the need to improve wildlife management in China, as it is likely quite a few new species of plants and animals may be discovered in the border areas between China and Myanmar.”

At Eluxe, we believe that diversity is luxury, and we aim to help conserve endangered species around the world.

If you would like to help save this species, please visit here.

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