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Can Dogs & Cats Eat a Vegan Diet?

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Vegan pet owners love their dogs and cats but are often grossed out when they need to dump a mass of smelly ‘wet’ food into a dish. Others argue that pets are better off with…

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Koko and the Kittens

By Diane Small Koko and the Kittens isn’t the name of the latest girl band–rather, it refers to Koko the gorilla and her new pets. In case you’ve never come across Koko before, she’s famous for being a very…

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Do Animals Have Emotions?

By Jody McCutcheon “I knew I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” These immortal words of regret belong to Bugs Bunny, the venerable cartoon character who helped persuade children worldwide that animals have emotions. The interesting thing about…

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Adorable, But Endangered: World Elephant Day

By Will Travers August 12 is World Elephant Day, but there is little to celebrate. The crisis facing living elephants is intense: between 22,000 and an incredible 50,000 elephants may have been poached in 2013 alone, and in the markets of the Far…

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What’s New, Pussycat? Cat Cafes!

By Jody McCutcheon They’ve become an urban phenomenon, popular both with those feeling a bit isolated and anonymous in big cities,  and those who love animals but don’t have the space to keep pets. They’ve popped up from Tokyo…

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Stop the Bushmeat Trade: IDA

By Cailyn Cox Funded mainly by private individuals, In Defense of Animals is a charity that aims to protect primates from being eaten and held in captivity in Africa, as well as to conserve their habitats, which are threatened…

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Save the Bees, Save the Humans!

By Arwa Lodhi   What did you have for breakfast today? Toast? Cereal? A bit of fruit? Or just some coffee? Whatever it may have been, chances are, bees helped it to your table.   Without bees, it would…

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Indian Dolphins: Non-Human Persons

If you’ve been following Eluxe Animal Aid, you’ll know that we are passionate here about conserving endangered species and protecting the rights of animals, especially those that demonstrate sharp intelligence and awareness. After having taught chimps, gorillas and other…

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Gorillas: Just Like Us?

By Diane Small Gorillas have long been associated with violence, brute force, and stupidity. However, the reality is completely different. These animals are shy, gentle giants, who exist on a vegetarian diet and would never harm anyone or anything unless…

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Not Stray. Endangered! The Sand Cat

By Diane Small After enjoying a holiday in Dubai, I was surprised to discover that the Arabian desert is actually home to animals beyond snakes and birds. In fact, there are numerous exotic mammals in the region, many of…

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What the Dugong is this Creature?

By Arwa Lodhi The dugong is probably not an animal you are too familiar with–not just because it lives underwater, but mainly because it is so close to extinction. A cousin of the manatee and closely related to the…

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Giant Pandas, Giant Appetites

Native to China, the giant panda is so cute it seems impossible they’re not humans in a bear suit. Long threatened with extinction due to their low birth rates, shortage of food and human encroachment on their natural habitats,…

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The Rare Beauty of the Amur Leopard

The Amur leopard is a rare beauty. Originally from Korea, it is now critically endangered, partly due to poaching by farmers who kill the large cat because it eats their sheep and goats, and by hunters who covet the…

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Elephants Need Our Help

Elephants are so often represented in cartoons, TV shows and children’s books, they seem common, but in fact, Asian elephants are now endangered, and with a huge increase in poaching, African elephants are not far behind. These are intelligent,…