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A Whale Of A Boat: The Seataci Eco Yacht

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi What’s more majestic than a whale? Enormous yet graceful, ancient yet mysterious, the whale has inspired everything from literature to music. And now, yachts. Engineer Charles Bombardier used the silhouette of the blue whale to…

quail run header photo
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Vintage Vroom: The Quail Rally

By Jody McCutcheon As we’ve stated before, we here at Eluxe are fans of vintage cars. Not only are they beautiful and a nod to past automotive glory, but they also provide added utility while keeping “what’s already made…

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Che Bella! The Bolla Eco Yacht

By Arwa Lodhi Centuries ago, humans started exploring the seas, powered by nature: the simple energies of the tides and wind took us around the world and back. For better or worse, explorers from the Vikings to Columbus discovered…

BMW C Evolution, International Media Launch, Barcelona 2014
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BMW C Evolution Electric Motorcycle

By Jody McCutcheon Two-wheeled transport has never been so appealing, especially for riders of electric scooters. Forget e-bike speed limits, deafening Vespas and their associated fumes. BMW has thrown its hat into the electric ring with the C Evolution.…

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Formula E Goes to Moscow

By Arwa Lodhi We usually associate the Kremlin and Red Square with history and tourism more than fast cars and celebrities, but this June saw celebs witnessing 20 drivers racing incredibly fast electric cars around these iconic sites. With…

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E is for Excellent: Our Top E Bikes for Summer

By Jody McCutcheon We are slowly weaning ourselves off petrol products, but perhaps too slowly. A key means of hastening this endeavor is to reduce our reliance on gas-powered automobiles, especially in urban environments, where they’re most concentrated yet…

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Looking for a Fold-Up Scooter? Meet the MOVEO

By Diane Small Here are some fun facts: personal transportation is responsible for about 1/4 of greenhouse gas emissions; the occupancy rate of cars in developed countries hardly reaches 1.5 passengers; traffic jams in most major cities are no longer…

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The Electric Hog: Harley Davidson Hybrid

By Nick Miles Made famous by bike gangs and 60s films like Easy Rider, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is most associated with its long handlebars and roaring engine. But the company hasn’t lost touch with the times, and knew it…

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Novague Studio’s Solar Yacht

By Nick Miles Novague Studio have come up with a zero emissions boat that’s 100% gorgeous. Propelled by a solar powered electric engine, the Novague yacht features two solar panel ‘wings’ on the side of the boat, which can spread…

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Hey Sailor! The Solar Sailor Boat

By Diane Small As most of us know, many species of insects including dragonflies use their broad, flexible, panel-like wings to capture solar radiation and use it to warm their muscles and prepare them for flight. These insects also…

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Agile and Eco: the Eagle Yacht

By Nick Miles One easy way to observe evolution is to see the similarities between birds and fish: wings and fins, scales and feathers both allow for fluid movements in both sky and air. This concept must have resonated…

Eco-tech Transport

Superiore Uno Speedboat

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi “After the progress made by the automotive industry in the field of sustainability, through the course of the years, the time has come for seamanship to adopt green measures too.” So say Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys,…

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The Concorde of Trains: Hyperloop

By Nick Miles London Underground calls itself ‘the Tube’, but Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is the real deal. Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal, SpaceX and super-eco car brand, Tesla Motors, has also now invented the Hyperloop, a next-generation high…

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Electro-Luxe: the BMW i3 Hybrid

By Jody McCutcheon Having already entered the luxury electric-car market with its ActiveE and ActiveHybrid models, BMW has now introduced the first two vehicles of its new BMW i brand, the i3 and i8. First conceived in 2007, Project…

Mercedes-Benz Cigarette Boat AMG Electric Drive 2013
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Smokin’! Cigarette+AMG’s Electro-Boat

By Nick Miles For the first time ever, the battery technology that allows electric cars to run at high speeds has been adapted to a new kind of vehicle–the motorboat. The partnership between two mega-brands, Germany’s AMG, which powers…

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Island E-Motion Yacht: the E is for Eco

By Jody McCutcheon Prepare for the perfect marriage of luxury and sustainability, as the Island(E)Motion Floating Island concept yacht is exactly what its name suggests: a floating paradise. Blending earth, sky and water with sumptuous accommodations, the craft’s designers—Swiss…

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Exoconcept Watercraft Jetski

By Jody McCutcheon French company Exoconcept clearly has an eye on the environment. For proof, look no further than their unique water toy, the Exo electric watercraft. First appearing a couple years ago at the Cannes Boat Show, the Exo…

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The Fixie Bike is Back!

By Chere Di Boscio For years, bicycles with gears have been in fashion, but quite frankly, not everybody ever used all of those gears or even knew what they were for. Most urban cyclists just wanted a simple way…

Eco-tech Transport

Solar Planes, Greening the Blue Skies

By Jody McCutcheon Introducing the HB-SIA solar aircraft, better known as the “Solar Impulse,” the world’s first plane that can fly without fuel day and night, and a stratospheric leap toward emission-free flying. Pioneered by Bertrand Piccard and André…